Give the Sinhalese a f*cking break.

Eelamists in Germany show support for the LTTE with traditinal Eelam bongo drums found only in Eelam and 132 other countries of the world.

Traditional Eelamist bongo drummers show support for the LTTE struggle in Germany using the unique Eelamist bongo drum found only in Eelam and 132 other countries of the world.


I think it is time that I, in my humble capacity as the former demon-king of this island, I said something about the pretty shitty situation we seem to have gotten ourselves into. I have been reading some fairly anti-Sinhala posts today, and that combined with the bus bombing in Kebethigollawa this morning, which killed sixty-four at the last count (including women, children and clergy) means that I feel angry and somewhat defensive of the Sinhalese at the moment.


It is time to bring some balance to the blogosphere.

The Sinhalese have properly f-ed up in the past, allowing themselves to be gullibly led by those who opportunistically used communal divisions in Sri Lanka towards their own election goals. Low points were the language policies of the 1950s and the communal riots of July 1983. However, the situation has been turned on its head now. The violence now is clearly being precipitated by the actions of the LTTE, and in my opinion, successive Sri Lankan governments since 1994 have been comparatively restrained.


In November last year, LTTE ruled out the election of a pacifist UNP government, and a stronger chance of peace, by preventing the Tamils in the North and East from voting in the presidential election. They wanted Mahinda Rajapakse and the JVP in power because they wanted to leverage their hardline stance against them in the international arena. They wanted this present spate of violence to occur in order to portray the South and the government as racist warmongers. Thereby, they hope to win back the good opinion of the international community and regain the ability to raise finance for what they have dubbed “the final war”.


Worse than that, many of the LTTE’s actions have been clearly targeted at civilians (for example, this morning’s bus bombing in Kebethigollawa which killed more than sixty-two civilians including women, children and clergy). Their attacks have also been designed to cause a communal backlash from the Sinhalese (for example, the timing of the sinking on naval craft on the eve of Wesak).


In spite of these obviously deliberate acts of provocation, the Sinhalese community has not reacted adversely. It is a far cry from the days of July 1983, when the killing of just thirteen soldiers sparked off communal riots that affected thousands of Tamils. The Sinhalese have learnt their lesson and the majority of them, like the Tamils in the North and East, want peace. The low level of political support for the Jathika Hela Urumaya makes this clear. However, the majority Sinhalese, with the LTTE’s help, did vote Mahinda Rajapakse’s harder stance into power. This, I find sad, but this was because they voted with their stomach first, and not with their heads, which I find sadder. (If you believe the research agencies, the major election issue is cost-of-living, not the war). Apart from this, many Sinhalese were also getting tired of Ranil Wickramasinghe’s pacifism in the wake of the LTTE’s continual violations of the ceasefire, and they wanted a change.


So, give the Sinhalese a break. There are many Sinhalese who mull over the past foolishness and mistakes of their community, while constantly judging the actions of the government and political parties in terms of how much it would promote peace. Despite the fifteen percent or so who vote for the JHU and the JVP (voting JVP is generally due to misplaced economics), the majority of Sinhalese actually detest the JHU and the JVP. Do Tamils similarly question their own community? Do they openly denounce the claim of sole representation made by the LTTE? Do they consider giving up their call for a federal state the same way many Sinhalese now think anything is worth the price of peace? Except for a handful of prominent of activists, politicians and one blogger, I find that as a general rule – they do not. Yes, I am aware that I am grossly stereotyping here, but stereotypes are based on a kernel of truth, aren’t they?  

Speaking of stereotypes, I find myself angry at a certain type of Tamil that I have a picture of in my mind. I am angry at the type of civilian Tamil who lives outside the North and East of Sri Lanka, who, while enjoying life outside the fascist tyranny of the LTTE, continues to support them, financially or otherwise, a quarter-century after the 1983 riots. The type of Tamil who has not stepped within a hundred miles of the mines and malnutrition of the LTTE-controlled Wanni, but who continues to refer to the LTTE as “our boys”. Worst of all, she is blissfully blind to the fact that her support of the LTTE only ensures the further suffering and subjugation of her own people.   


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  1. What the fuck is your problem with the JVP and the JHU? You don’t have to put them down just to appear “moderate.” You’re a fucking coward if you do so. These two parties are working in the democratic mainstream, don’t carry arms, dont go around planting bombs and mines and so forth. The JVP *HAD* a history of violence. Both these parties were VOTED in by people in ELECTIONS….ie democracy and franchise. If you can’t see how that is miles different to the situation of the LTTE then you are dumb cunt.

    The JVP and the JHU may be opposed to the CFA but are they the ones killing people? NOPE.

  2. Er… and there I was worried that I’d get called a racist.

    To answer your question, my problem with the JVP and JHU is that they don’t having a clue about economics.

  3. JVP/JHU do participate in the mainstream electoral process but I suspectthat their activities are not restricted to the mainstream.

    Attacks on the Sha Rukh Khan concert, Christian churches etc are thought to be orchestrated by these two.

  4. Dear “jack point”….just because some crazy ass senile fool called Lalith Kathelawa made these accusations it doesn’t mean it’s the truth. Provide the evidence or shove it up your ass, or maybe put up a huge newspaper ad like Lalith screaming rhetoric like “Christians Awake!”

  5. And again Jack Point.

    Do you think the UNP has a fluffy white history?

    Didn’t kill anyone?

    Didn’t murder thousands and thousands of Sinhalese youth?

    Didn’t loot and burn and attack Tamils?

  6. What about the SLFP?

    Fluffy white history?

    Didn’t kill and murder anyone?

    No pogroms and massacres?

    The two major parties have carried out far more death and destruction than the JVP, and especially the JHU.

    “Attacks on the Sha Rukh Khan concert, Christian churches etc are thought to be orchestrated by these two. ”

    Don’t make me laugh.

  7. Omar, the UNP in the late ’80s did what was necessary to bring the country back to some semblance of normalcy. Extra-judicial killings happen in any civil war. I disliked it at the time, and even later I hated Premadasa for it, but honestly, what would you do if you had two separate civil wars on your hands – one in the North and another in the South?

  8. Omar can you name a single political organization with a ‘fluffy white history’ ?

    Your statement of “The two major parties have carried out far more death and destruction than the JVP” can seriously be contested. Are you really sure?

    Perhaps i can agree with you with the JHU, they haven’t really had the chance to cause any direct destruction, and looks like they wont either.

    I also don’t agree with jackpoint, JVP especially didn’t have anything to do with the church-burnings and Shar Rhuk Concert. it is believed of course that JHU elements were involved, albeit not directly following orders from the hierarchy.

  9. I’d have to say good point. The LTTE and their supporters can’t seem to understand that Sri Lanka in 2006 is a vastly different country than in 1983. Globalization has for better or for worse taken hold of the country and all ordinary Sri Lankans want to do is prosper and have a decent life. The LTTE apologists want a ‘utopia’ where everybody lives a rosy life, there is no prejudice, pink and purple children walk hand in hand to be achieved before the Tigers can enter the political mainstream. This is a load of crock, making Sri Lanka a just, equitable, prosperous democracy is going to be a long hard road, made so much harder by the racism espoused by the LTTE.

    Its unfortunate people don’t seem to understand this and still characterize the state as the ‘big, bad wolf.’ Looking at the situation the only people left from the bad old days are the Tiger’s leaders, us who are fortunate enough to live in Sri Lanka have voted the idiots from successive governments out (yes its going to take awhile to get proper people in power, if ever, judging from politics in more ‘developed’ countries).

    My two cents with who’s the biggest fuck up in SL…who really gives a shit, can you quantify all aspects of human suffering? The point is what has happened with the people who carried out the killings, those in government are no longer there (for the most part), the JVP is now in the political mainstream (despite ideologically still stuck in the Cold War Era), it is pretty much only the Tigers who still harp on about an ethnically pure dictatorship state. The shoe is most definitely now on the other foot.

  10. This is our problem. What’s the point of talking of JHU, JVP, SLFP, UNP etc etc at this moment.

    I do not agree with JHU and JVP.

    We NEED Extremism to fight with extremists.
    When they say they want Tamil Ealam we have to have a group in Sri Lanka to say, “No we do not give up at any cost”. When they say that Tamils are discriminated by Sinhalese, we do need to have a group to say, “ No, Sinhalese are the discriminated group”.

    No point of getting divided between us. That is what they want us to do and what we do.

  11. violence begets violence unfortunately. It’s a vicious cyle and it’s self sustaining. The government started it off and the LTTe continues it and the government responds, to which the LTTE responds… all the time with violence.

    I don’t think it’s a strong position to say all right, the government did perpetrate violence, but now we don’t (which is not true by the way, the armed forces still unleash a lot of violence on the people of the NorthEast), therefore give up your violence. If you hit someone , you have to expect to get hit back. I don’t think hitting back is justified, I just expect it (of both sides)

  12. Aadhavan, my friend, please don’t take this the wrong way, but your post is pure LTTE propaganda. It represents exactly the stereotypical LTTE-apologist view that I find misinformed, blind and destructive.

    The LTTE is clearly in the wrong as has been understood and validated by their classification as a terrorist group in the international arena. They ARE a terrorist group. They attack civilians arbitrarily and always have done. They use child soldiers. They kill any Tamils who oppose them. They subjugate their own people. They threaten and extort money from their own people abroad.

    The Sri Lanka government (and even the JHU and JVP) for that matter cannot even be compared to this. The ethical high ground is unquestionably with the Sri Lankans who oppose the LTTE.

    You are being represented by a group of merciless warmongering terrorists. And it sounds like you have no problem with this. How do you sleep at night?

  13. Ravana,
    I was expecting a reply consisting of a proper dressing down of the LTTE. Fine, so your conclusion is the LTTE are terrorists. Just tell me the objective criteria you adopted to reach your conclusion. Just make sure your criteria is objective and universally applicable. I don’t know why you are obsessed with the views of the international arena. Do you trust these countries fully and accept their views as gospel truth and reject the idea that these countries forego morality for strategic interest purposes? That’s a little too naiive for me.

    Besides, you still have not addressed my argument regarding the fact that a state can’t initiate a violent cycle, and then claim moral high ground when a violent response ensues.

    I sleep at night because I’m human and need to snooze one a while. It’s a little difficult though when your moderate non-violent tamil views are mislabelled as Tiger propoganda. Makes you wonder whether Tamil and Tiger will be confused once more and result in another 83. Thanks for asking anyway,

    P.S – I have a problem with the violence, of which the GOSL and LTTE and paramilitaries are a part of. How about yourself?

  14. Aadhavan, I can’t seriously believe you are contesting me on this point. I suggest you familiarise yourself with a definition of terrorism (the one from Wikipedia is attached below). The LTTE fits this definition perfectly.

    If you want, elaboration on how the LTTE fits this definition with specific examples, I would be glad to do so, but this would involve a much longer post and I am at work now so I don’t have time to do it until after 6pm.

    “Terrorism refers to a strategy of using violence, social threats, or coordinated attacks, in order to generate fear, cause disruption, and ultimately, bring about compliance with specified political, religious, or ideological demands. The targets of terrorist attacks typically are not the individuals who are killed, injured, or taken hostage, but rather the societies to which these individuals belong. Terrorism is designed to subvert existing political atmospheres, often with the aid of the mass media’s influence. Other intended effects of terrorist activities on targeted societies include the curtailment of civilian standards of living and civil liberties associated with greater security demands, economic hardship linked to the costs of war, hopelessness to defend against assaults, depression, and disintegration of morale. These objectives are parallel to the objectives of unconventional warfare.”

  15. that’s one of the broader definitions I’ve seen around and I’ve seen qite a few. looks like it is capable of covering a whole load of activities. I don’t think that such a broad definition is to your advantage. That’s all right. I’m sure the ltte fits in with elements of this defiition, save yourself the trouble. My point is not that the ltte does not satisfy these conditions, but that the government forces fit it equally well. Are you willing to accept this and save me the trouble of a long post or are you so blinkered as to suggest that the armed forces do not satisfy a number of these elements.
    btw, there is no objectively acceptable definition of terrorism. The UN General Assembly couldn’t reach consensus on whether state terror should be included. What are your views? Or are you satisfied with wikipedia…!!

  16. Yes, I am satisfied with Wikipedia for this definition because…

    1. Terrorism is something hard to define, as you rightly point out. So, you might as well take a popular definition i.e. use the wiki system to define it.

    2. Terrorism is hot enough of a topic right now for the definition of terrorism to be severely whittled down by competing opinions on Wikipedia, leaving us with a fairly reliable and polished kernel of a definition.

    No, I am not willing to accept your argument that Sri Lankan governments have engaged in state terrorism after 1994. Please state your case. You will find a definition of state terrorism on the same Wikipedia entry as terrorism. I suggest you use it for the above given reasons.

    In answer to your previous question, I denounce violence against civilians. However, in war, innocent people are always going to get killed. Directly targeting civilians as a strategy or tactic is inexcusable.

  17. post 1994 just off the top of my head. Allaipiddy gang rape and killings just a few days ago. trico riots recently in high security zone vicinity. Killing of the 5 boys in trincomalee a few months ago. recent incidents in jaffna in early 2006 where scores of relations of ltte cadres(civilians) were killed by the army troopers prompting a mass exodus to the wanni. Chemmani mass graves where hundreds of civilians were extra judicially bumped off in late 90’s or early 2000’s and buried and no one ever knew. consistent aerial bombardment of tamil villages indiscriminately, recently in sampoor. Also the 1994 and 1997 bombing campaigns, chava etc. bombing of churches and temples notably navaly churh where more than 100 civilians were killed and navalipuram kovil and many more…kumarapuram massacre….bindunuweva massacres…scores of rapes and murders…krishanti just being the peominent one…this is just off the top of my head and I’m no encyclopaedi on this. If you travel to the NorthEast people will have a lot more stories.

    UTHR(J) which is very critical of the LTTE has reported these atrocities and more. I’m sure there are those who will say that the killings were all justified or that they are strategic or that the tamils are bunch of hoods and who care if they die anyway. And there will be others who say the same about the ltte killings. The list goes on ravana and I’m in no mood…it’s sickening and terrible. All violence is terrible and heartbreaking and unless the two communities can find a way of forgiving each other, there’s going to be more of this useless loss of life.

  18. Janapathi please go fuck yourself without fanning the flames of extremism. It’s buggers like you that allow buggers like Aadhavan to spout the abstract bullshit he has been spouting.

    “If you travel to the NorthEast people will have a lot more stories.”

    But I can’t can I? Because I might get blown up by a non-terrorist fucking landmine.

    Actually the Kebithigollewa massacre is clearly the work of the Staff Room of the Kiriibbangwewa Madhya Maha Vidyalaya. They were supposed to be marking exam papers when they’d rather be watching the England v Paraguay highlights on Channel Eye. They figured the easiest way to get out of this chore was to blow up most of the children who came to school. But it might have been the Army.

    I think Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Mrs. Hema Premadasa will be able to provide some evidence of the LTTE being a terrorist organisation. But I suspect they might have buried that information too.

  19. I agree with you about the communities forgiving each other.

    As far as the incidents that you mentioned are concerned, I must admit I have little specific knowledge about any of those instances. However, I think most, if not all of them, fall under one of two categories:

    1. Collateral damage from aerial bombing of LTTE targets. The LTTE have recently moved their camps closer to civilian areas, deliberately putting civilian Tamils in danger from air-attacks. The peace monitors have warned them about this.

    2. Individual or small groups of soldiers acting outside the authority of the government. This happens in any war, and is basically a matter of military discipline, not a military tactic.

    To my knowledge, the Sri Lankan government has not targeted civilians as a strategy.

  20. my dear sophist,
    The importance of context.
    I was in the process of trying to point out to ravana that there was no objective definition of terrorism that would include the activities of the LTTe and exclude the activities of the armed forces. I was told the armed forces stopped engaging in state terror after 1994 to which i responded with what I though to be evidence that suggested otherwise. I’m sorry if you think I”m extremist. I know I’m not.

    What I meant about travelling in the NorthEast was that a lot of stories don’t get covered in the media here whan the armed forces are involved. I’m sure you know of the media biases that exist. Tamilnet tries not to portray the LTTE in a bad light and the Colombo press just do not report all the stories of the atrocities perpetrated by the army and airforce. This leads to the perception among many in the South that the armed forces are treating the Tamils well, when in reality they have engaged in these terrible acts.

    Killings of civilians are just unbearable to stomach, Sinhala or Tamil or Muslim. I just don’t think it’s fair to say the Tigers are the only ones killing civilians. And no, that does not make me a racist, extremist or Tamil chauvinist terrorist.

    p.s- I’m surprised a sophist takes offence at abstractions.

  21. Aadhavan. Mon ami. I never called you an extremist. And I’m not now. I called Janapathi an extremist and I don’t think anyone on the blogroll will disagree with me. He is all that we Sinhalese are ashamed of.

    Media biases do exist. But I think the lack of reportage is fuelled mainly by an inability to cover a story rather than the refusal to do so. Everybody loves a good story but a dead journalist is not something anyone wants on their hands. Collateral damage is one thing. But using human shields and the civilian population as a pawn to gain some sympathy is something completely different. These are the same people they’re supposedly liberating. Wake up and smell the roses mate. I don’t think Tamilnet now even pretends to be unbiased.

    I don’t have problems with abstractions. I have a natural aversion to bullshit. And asking for ‘proof’ of LTTE terrorism is, I maybe wrong, bullshit. There’s no concise definition for ‘bullshit’ either. But everybody knows what you mean when you say it.

    Do you believe the LTTE represents you?

  22. ravana,
    you obviously have certain predetermined ideas about the activities of the armed soldiers and any evidence I offer you will be construed within your plausibility structure. i.e-the armed forces don’t target tamil civilians as a strategy.
    I know many Tamils who like you, are unwilling to accept the same things about the LTTE, and you casn never convince them otherwise.
    Your main article asks why Tamils don’t question their own community? That’s a valid question, but coming from you, there’s a problem with credibility, because you are unwilling to keep an open mind yourself where the government atrocities are concerned.

  23. sophist,
    I don’t know whether the LTTE represents me.Does Mahinds represent you? the government only engages the LTTE in negotiations on peace and resolving the ethnic conflict.i.e – the problem of the Tamils and their intraction with the state which is predominantly influenced by Sinhalese. So by default, my interests are left to be represented by the LTTE.

    I didn’t ask for proof of LTTE terrorism, I know that they kill and they’ll admit it. They have a particular view of the current situation that leads them to believe that all living Tamils must be willing to pay the price of the war so that the generations of unborn Tamils will enjoy some sort of freedom and won’t inherit the war. I don’t agree with that position. I just wanted an objective criteria by which you determine who’s a terrorist and who’s not. I’m sure that the LTTE fit a lot of definitions of terrorist. I’m just saying, for the umpteenth time, and nobody seems to get me, that the armed forces are equally capable of having that title imposed on them. Maybe that’s bullshit to you and maybe that’s because Colombo reporters don’t want to cover a war Blaming all the Tamil deaths on collateral damage smacks of a little George W Bush, don’t you think.

  24. what about all the ppl in colombo who are making money off this war.. muslims/tamils/singhalese the lot of them.. do they condone this war or is it just business as usual?

  25. I am not unwilling to keep an open mind at all. I just have not seen any evidence of this government strategy of targeting Tamil civilians that you are referring to. What does the government have to gain by following such a strategy?

    I have no trouble digesting the fact that occasionally, when a soldier is killed in an unprovoked attack, his mates might go on a rampage, but this is not a government strategy. And this happens in guerilla warfare, especially where the targets deliberately blend among civilian shields as a tactic.

    It is NOT a strategy of the government to target civilians.

    Answer Sophist’s question: do you believe the LTTE represents you?

  26. Leave aside who did what first. Leave aside who did what last. Leave aside who arrived first. And all the other methods of sorting fights the way 6 year olds do.
    The fact is that a populace must co-exist within a common space (the island) with minimal conflict, and adopt set of laws to live within that foster minimal conflict and allow for resolution of such conflict, even if that resolution doesn’t lead to a complete end of the conflict, to at least reduce, to a fair extent the social, psychological, economic, and whatever other damage it (the conflict) caused.
    In terms of the current conflict, the nation as a whole — without segregation by race, religion, diet, and favourite cartoon, nipple colour — must live with as little conflict as possible. (if not for conflict, humans would be robbed of the pleasure of make-up sex).
    If we can take the last 20-odd years of violence, put it in little bag and chuck it into the trench that the indians want to build between India and Sri Lanka, and start afresh, the Tamil people (I point this group out specifically now because this group is half of the earlier mentioned issue) must be able to choose their political representatives.
    This privilege (or right) must be equal (in terms of power, access, effectiveness and transparency) across all ethnic groups on the island.

    The national government (do not mistake for “sinhala” or “southern” govt) must develop a legal system to foster this. The representatives must be voted in by the PEOPLE. (LTTE are not people, and personally, I refuse to accept them as the “sole representatives of the Tamil people” because of systematic political cleansing).
    Both parties (GOSL & LTTE) cannot influence the nominations and the democratic process. I.e.- wiping out of rival/competing/opposing/alternative leaders who run for office with their own ideas. Each individual must vote for whom they feel is best.
    This country will NOT be split, by border, wall, fence or trench while such an option exists, can be exercised and can be envisioned.

    It is the aspiration of the humans on this island, to live in peace with each other.
    Blame should not be targeted at an ethnic group by generalizing individuals who are ruled by narrow minded, egocentric, irrational leaders.
    Blame the GOSL, blame the LTTE, but kindly do not use the words “Singhalese” and “Tamils”.

    If competing forces (Representing all ethnicities) are allowed to run for office, then a democratic solution (for lack of a fairer system as yet, at least as far to my knowledge – and please lets not spend from now till x-mas arguing about the definition of this) can be reached. For that to happen, there has to be
    a) A true, genuine cessation of hostilities
    b) Agreement on law and order in all areas of the country (falling within a national legal framework agreed upon by all parties)
    c) Disarmament of factions that the Norwegians can monitor while nibbling on salmon sandwiches with some LTTE mortar shrapnel dipped in mayonnaise
    d) A resumption to peaceful life gradually.

    Again, the LTTE has no claim on “EELAM”. Eeelam, as marketed presently, was not devised by any civilian; it was devised by VP. The civilians want to live, work, and prosper and trade. Separatism won’t help that.

    And besides, you don’t need wikipedia to classify LTTE as terrorists. You know it. They know it. State terror? Yeah, it affects not just the LTTE or civilians in the North – but everyone. They don’t want us to watch tv after 10!!!! And that’s the best part of midnight-hot. Till next time J

    Best regards,


  27. a post i posted somehwhere else which may or may not get posted. cant be arsed ammending:

    Mihiri, thank you. Thank you for thinking about what we can do as opposed to who blamed whom, whose fault it may be or whether war will break out.

    I couldn’t do any of my work yesterday… I sat in office texting and refreshing tab after tab trying to find out what was happening. I was hearing of riots in Trinco but no one could confirm any details. I don’t know what more should happen, that we haven’t already experienced before (over what constitutes most of our entire lives), before we think it constitutes war!

    Lets step away from the technicalities for a moment.

    All parties in this game are “committed to peace”! And yet people – lots of people – Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, are dying, being forced to leave their homes, losing their children, spending the night in jungles and just plain living in fear. I am tired of their commitments which I cannot see.

    Yes, yesterday no ‘50 Tamils hacked to death in Anuradhapura town, 35 Tamil shops burnt in Wellawatte’ riots happened. But hearing the rumors were bad enough. Do we really need to wait for it to actually happen before we say enough? Have we forgotten what we have already lived through? Is it only when death actually happens that we feel anything?

    Till then do we sit and say “god the f****** LTTE”, “F****** peacenik”, “NGO type”, “F*** the government”??? When do we as humans assume responsibility for our role in what is going on? We are citizens. Omission is an act. Silence is a statement. And this is the time we need to stop sitting around on our high horses or our little corners and passing the blame around! This is not nobody’s war. This is our war. This our country. This is our home. These are our people.

    I am trying not to make this an impassioned outcry rant, but I am evidently not doing too well. My anger and my fear drives me. I don’t want this to go on. And there MUST be something I can do! I am part of “the people”. And the people are supposed to have the power. I want my power back. This IS my war. This is my war against those in power positions who are allowing death. Death in the name of something obscure at the moment which no one is any longer able to define in clear terms.

    Yesterday I felt insane quite frequently for feeling so damn affected by the goings-on of the day and by everything that I was hearing. The fear I felt was immense and was shared as intensely by a handful of people working in this building. And later by unexpected friends. They told me that I was not insane and that they wished more people felt the way I did. They said that they too want to do something to stop this – to say we want the killings to end and we want a discussed, agreed and finalized solution now! Not in a month. Not in a year. Not TALKS ABOUT TALKS. NOW! We want to see you sit the hell down in where ever for however long necessary and find a solution now!

    I have so far lost my dear friend who was family to me, his wife, his son (and of course the numerous relatives of that family who I no longer remember the exact count of, and of course a large number of villagers who were shot/hacked). Their only surviving daughter from the attack years ago may have been on the bus yesterday. I don’t want to call to find out.

    My friends lost their father a few weeks ago. My other friend lost their friend’s father a few weeks ago. My uncle lost his friends the last time around. My friend woke up at 6am post-mundo-alcohol to go identify a body a year ago. My colleague cried for days from the shock of identifying a body a year ago. A friend’s friend lost his mother, brother and sister while on their way to hospital yesterday.

    Who have you lost? How many more before its enough? Why wasn’t it declared a national day of mourning today? How many bodies were we short of to constitute one? Does Colombo need to be attacked before “WE” wake up?

    Yesterday a rich businessman who has access to vehicles had released two new vehicles to support funeral efforts etc on being contacted by friends who wanted to do something. We have enough resources and money in this country to make something happen. What ever it takes. Step out on to the streets for weeks demanding the gvt and LTTE sit the f*** down and talk. We together have more than enough money to make that happen. All we need is will. This needs to be about us. Not the organizations or companies or departments we work for. Personal representation. People can do this.

    They did in Nepal.

    A friend I love and respect immensely while out of the country a few weeks back wrote

    “heard pres’s message to s.l parliament on culture of impunity – prove it on the ground and in investigatins enough commitments”. Yesterday he replied my crazed txt with “r we afraid 2 put our necks out”. I cant help wondering what he would think if he sees this post..

    This needs to be about all of us who want the killings to stop – irrespective of what we think the solution ought to be, how much control should or should not be given, who is wrong or right. This needs to be simply about stop the killings and it needs to be from islandwide. Homewide.

    I am not calling for something that involves violence in any way. But I am calling for something strong and unwavering.

    I feel foolish writing this. But that’s ok. That’s bound to happen. I didn’t get much work done so far. But that’s ok too. The burden of getting it done somehow is something I am willing to bear. I don’t usually post out my opinion coz really, who gives a damn. But today I am going to. I need to. I would not be able to live with myself if I stayed silent right now. Someone needs to do something. And that someone needs to be us. If not I have absconded my responsibility just like all those who I blame for absconding theirs.

    I don’t want to forget tomorrow what I felt yesterday. Dont let me. Dont let you. Dont let “THEM”. Let’s do something.

  28. Ravana

    thank you for your honesty and i will readily back it up

    agree with the lot above who said we need to take responsibility as citizens

    stop blaming the past

    stop the racism

    stop the lies

    politicians should be all codemned to hell

    LTTE – stop blaming the govt when your not willing to put down your arms even in peace

  29. I agree with you, Gulab, in spirit.

    I am the type of person who normally avoids using the terms “Sinhala” or “Tamil” whenever the word “Sri Lankan” will suffice (and it almost always does). I like to think of everybody as one blood. I think we should build a common Sri Lankan identity.

    Then why this post?

    I think the way the BCC covered the Kebethigollawa incident yesterday (they seem to be more balanced today – maybe they got shit for it), and Ashanthi’s comments on Electra’s blog really riled me up. She suggests that the JVP and not the LTTE bombed the bus in Kebetigollawa!(

    And she goes on to say:

    “However, the fact remains, in Sri Lanka, Tamil people are treated in an apalling manner and they are being systematicallly hounded out of existence on any pretext by certain powerfull elements and this is a crime. It is a shocking crime and it has been going on for far, far too long.”

    This gets my goat. To some Tamils, the blame for violence is squarely on the shoulders of the South. Others, like even Aadhavan, who I believe when he says he is a moderate, have a problem saying, “the LTTE does not represent me.”

    Come on, people. Just COME ON.

  30. ravana,
    I genuinely do not know whether the LTTE represents me, A lot of my Sinhalese friends will be equally at a loss for a reply if I asked them whether Mahinda represents them. By the way, tell me what you mean when you say ‘representation’ and I’ll answer your question a little more pointedly. Is it a representation of views, interests, methodologies or ideologies. And is it absolute, in the sense can one person have only one representative. Point to ponder, can a democrat in the states be “represented” by Bush and the democratic party leadership at the same time. Be careful Ravana about throwing words around, when you’re not clear as to what they mean.

    also, kindly inform me of how you determine whether a course of action is part of a larger strategy or just a random event. I was not and am not privy to the military strategies of the armed forces in pre 1994 and post 1994. What was it that constituted state terror in pre 1994 (which you implicitly agree did take place) that doesn’t happen now. I can’t presume to know the specific strategies, but I know that a whole load of Tamils have been killed needlessly, pre and post 1994.

    I expected more of you people, I’m willing to grant that the LTTE do kill and do so brutally. However, you are dogmatic in your defence of the armed forces and no amount of evidence will sway you. With an attitude like yours you and all like you will never be able to understand the hurts, fears and the aspirations of normal tamils. That is the tragedy of this country. The extremists of both sides are so blinkered, truth becomes a casualty of war…sad…and you still claim the moral high ground…sadder.

  31. Aadhavan. Without the slightest trace of sarcasm I must take off my hat to you. You are rational even in the face of adversity and make your point without irrational outburts which I too have been guilty of. You are the sort of Tamil voice your ‘race’ needs in the public sphere. Not Uncle P’s. I don’t agree with your but I like the fact that you are not Ashanthi.

    Hopefully we can set up Ashanthi and Janapathi and they will fuck each other because they certainly aren’t heeding the call to go fuck themselves.

    As Ravana points out war crimes occur. It is a harsh fact. It happened in Vietnam, it happened in Chechnya, it happened in the partition of Pakistan, it’s happening in Iraq and it is happening here. Even you Aadhavan must admit that the retaliation in the face of extreme provocation has been proportionately minimal. The Army Commander was targeted yards from his residence by a pregnant woman. Mate…that shit is not on. Have you seen the photos from the Kbg bus blast. That shit is not on.

    Like I said on another post, unfortunately for the Tamil people, all terrorists are Tamil although it’s not vice versa. And in a guerilla war situation it’s a split second decision between the life of your platoon and the 12 year old Tamil boy waving something at you. The GOSL does NOT use child soldiers.

    This is not an attempt to paint the army a shade of squeaky white. But as Ravana is at pains to point out, the use of civilians as shields and propoganda tools is not a SLA strategy. It IS an LTTE strategy.

    That’s the end of the story, and your equation of the two forces is irresponsible and wholly out of context.

    Uncle P proved a very very valid point at the General Elections. He showed that the Sinhala Buddhists want (overwhelmingly) a right wing President who came in on a unitary, evil Tamil bastard mandate. Why does this escape us?

    As long as the majority doesn’t address the fact that legitimate Tamil grievances exist there will never be an alternate Tamil voice. Like Aadhavan’s.

    Mahinda doesn’t represent me, but he represents a majority of my ‘race’. He has legitimacy because he was elected through a recognised democratic process. But he honestly doesn’t represent me.

    The more Tamils who can unambiguously say that about Uncle P the more credibility the community will gain. It’s sad I think, when obviously moderate, intelligent Tamils such as yourself cannot condemn him outright.


  32. sophist,
    thanks for your comments.
    re representation, since I now know what you mean, I can that the LTTE does not represent my opinions. But, they too represent my race, and that is why the government negotiates an ethinic solution with them. If the government were not of the opinion that the reprentatives of the Tamils in general were the LTTE, the act of negotiating to settle the etnhic conflict with the LTTE would be tantamount to saying “You aren’t the representatives of the Tamils, you are illegitimate, but you fight, and that costs us, so in order that we can save some soldiers and rupees, we’ll hand over the lot of Tamils to you even though we are their true represenatives. You do what you like with them. The safety and future of the Tamils is a small price to pay for stopping the expenditure of war” I don’t think they’ll ever admit to such a position. Thus, the LTTe remain the represnatatives of the Tamils as implicitly acknowledged by the government.

    Also the LTTE has of late, dropped the sole rep rhetoric. They are now using the phrase “sole interlocutors of the Tamils in their interaction with the government” which is a factually valid position, and one that the government actions seem to support.

    Re war crimes, there’s no point reeling off statistics, and unless that happens there’s no way we can resolve this issue. The collateral damage argument is necessarily limited by the fact that indiscriminate bombing is not permitted according to the laws of war and a lot of the airforce bombing in the north have indiscriminately attacked civilian targets. The entire neighbourhood in Jaffna where my my family owns property was flattened in one bombing campaign. Besides, dissapearances of civilians and the mass burials given to them can’t possibly be a result of split second decisions. Neither can the tremendous amount of rape ba explained on this basis. You must also take into account the fact that the war is not primarily guerilla war anymore, the LTTE controls territory and a lot of the battles fought just before the ceasefire were full on conventional battles with Roman siege tactics in elephant pass etc. Deep Penetration squads are operating in Tiger territory so there’s guerilla fighting on both sides now. The reality is that when the soldiers are attacked by Tigers and are unable t find them they get frustrated and attack civilians because they are Tamils- they are the other. hey are not Sri Lankan but Tamil. It happens elsewhere, and that is sad too.

    I’dike to address the ppint on child soldiers because it is such a complex issue – the welfare and safety of children in the north, but I’m eating in to much study timw ith this blogging experiment and i don’t think I will be participating any further. Will appreciate a response though.

  33. Here’s something I posted on pickled politics.

    Sorry to join the discussion so late yet again. Damn employers. Just because they pay you they expect you to actually do some work for them. That’s capitalists for you.

    This thread seems to have become depressingly dominated by extremes. Let me start by saying that I’m a Brit of Sri Lankan Tamil origin with relatives still living there. And I have no fear in expressing my utter condemnation of the LTTE. I’m not totally open with my identity here because of my typically expat Sri Lankan Tamil obsession with protecting my career. But I make my views known very clearly whenever relevant to all who care to listen in my private and professional life and to my SL Tamil friends and family including in SL. See my comments on Brit SL Tamils and the LTTE that Sunny posted to PP some time ago ( )

    Like Ananthan, I find that the opinion of the LTTE held by most SL Tamils I know in UK and SL range from sympathy (as Roger said “they may be bastards but they’re our bastard”) to full support (“saviours and protectors of our race and homeland”). However, I’m finding that my views – total condemnation and lack of support for the LTTE – are increasingly shared by other SL Tamil expats (I can’t say the same for SL Tamils), largely because of the LTTE connivance in the election of Rajapakse and the various acts of violence that they’ve been guilty of since.

    But let’s be clear – the SL Govt forces are guilty of continuing serious violence and other human rights abuses against civilians, including by proxy through their support for Karuna’s splinter Tiger faction. No doubt not all of this is with the full knowledge and support of the Govt – the SL military has never been totally controllable by civilian authority. But the SL Govt does seem to be doing precious little to tackle the abuses by their security forces. And yes Aadhavan I would term these acts by the SL security forces as state terrorism.

    And I have no sympathy at all for the self-deluding idiots who support JVP and JHU on Ravana’s site. Yes it’s good that JVP and JHU are engaged in mainstream politics. But to deny their links to the continuing ethnic violence in SL is as naïve as saying the BNP has absolutely nothing to do with continuing racist violence in the UK.

    And Roger, your question “Is Sri Lankan Tamil culture worth preserving” is totally crass. Yes Prabakharan has foully distorted important sections of SL Tamil opinion, mainly by killing those who disagree with him. But does that justify your call for – what? Genocide against SL Tamils? In which case, when do me and my family get our tickets for the gas chambers?

    But I totally disagree with Aadhavan’s infantile assertion that depraved behaviour by the SL forces and some Sinhala political groups somehow excuses or justifies depraved behaviour by the Tigers. The LTTE and the Tamil cause attracted much greater international legitimacy and support when they were pursuing peaceful negotiation. The UK Govt was under increasing pressure to de-proscribe the LTTE after the 2002 ceasefire. All that’s gone now.

    The LTTE need to be the major negotiating partner in the peace process because they are the major problem in terms of violence. That does not make them “legitimate”. They are a militaristic bunch of brainwashed thugs. And – please excuse this display of SL Tamil expat snobbery – they’re a bunch of thickos too. I mean, their strategy of boycotting elections to engineer a Rajapakse victory thus justifying return to war was too transparent for words. It could only have been thought up by a knuckle-headed mustachio’d village boy like our great leader Vellupillai. (Sorry, being snobbish there again.)

    The independent Eelam that the LTTE want to build would be a vicious one-party military dictatorship, with a stagnant North Korea style state owned economy, totally dominated by the Cult of Prabakharan – every single law already has to be personally approved by the Great Leader ( ). How could the argumentative, opinionated, education-obsessed, enterprising, wheeling-dealing SL Tamil people that I know live with that?

    SL Tamils deserve the right to a full free choice on self-determination – eg a referendum offering full independence. The poisonous legacy of the last 30-50 years of inter-ethnic violence is too bitter and too deep for anything less.

    But more of us SL Tamils – including those of us who live outside SL and who may be thinking of funding the SL Tamil cause – need to DEMAND from the LTTE:

    – an end to the bombing and targeting of civilians

    – unambiguous commitment to peaceful means (direct self-defence excepted)

    – democratic choice of leadership, with total political pluralism and freedom of speech

    – respect for individual rights, rule of law, and judicial independence

    Like lots of SL Tamil expat professionals, I send money back for various reasons to North SL. But if there ever is a free Eelam, I certainly would not take my family to visit, nor would I give it money if it wasn’t at least trying minimally to meet the standards above – standards which lots of third world countries that had to fight for their liberty manage to meet.

    Sorry, as usual way too verbose.

  34. Study hard mate…and get to a position where there will be an alternate voice to the LTTE. The JHU and JVP don’t represent me. And if they start saying things like don’t watch tv after 10 and your girlfriend can’t buy booze I will be pissed off enough to make sure that I represent myself and like minded people.

    Yes…the government is only alive to the Tamil grievances because of the LTTE. For that I can only apologise on behalf of a government which de facto is my representor. But that doesn’t mean that the alternate voices can’t be raised. Kadi and Thiruchelvam were prime examples. But they were killed by the LTTE too – so how do we reconcile that? It’s not that LTTE wants the issues addressed on behalf of their community. They want their pound of flesh.

    The fact remains that moderate Tamils are scared shitless of the LTTE. We have a civil war to end before we solve the ethnic issues.

    It’s only dialogue like this that will solve those issues. So as long as you allow the LTTE to keep fighting ‘on behalf’ of the community this shit will continue. It is only the Tamil community with more buggers with balls like the poor bloke who voted in Jaffna and got his hand cut off to pull the rug from under the LTTE. Only you can strip them of their credibility.

    We could go on for yonks about the fallouts of war. It’s a dirty game and I’m not saying the Army doesn’t do some of which it is accused of. But suicide bombers don’t wear uniforms mate. If the people of the North and East didn’t harbour the LTTE and facilitate attacks on the Army civilian casualties will diminish. They maybe soldiers, but they are human too. When their best mate is killed next to them they go after the fucker that did it. Condemn these bastards as a community mate.

    I guarantee you the moment you do – you will be shot. And you don’t have to second guess who by.

    Good luck with your exams mate.

  35. Well done Sophist, it’s about time Janapathi’s non productive extreamist views are finally challenged pro-activly by more bloggers in this community. He is as bad as the politicians he abhores by proporting to represent Sri Lankans with his outpourings of hatered and extremist advice !

  36. sophist,
    I’m glad you are honest enough to admit that it is the LTTE which was what got the government to this point to the position where they are willing to negotiate? What for is another issue. That being the case, the challenge for the Tamil community is to raise an alternative voice while ensuring that the military strength of the LTTE or the political strength of the the LTTE during negotiations is not compromised. The moment the LTTE loses military parity with the government or becomes weaker, the Tamils lose their only bagaining chip. So raising a voice is ok, but it’s complicated. It’s not a case of being scared only. You can’t afford to weaken them, because then the government won’t want to negotiate and then the JHU will say we can win the damn war and then the Tamils are screwed. We’re scared about that prospect too. And having parents who survived 1983 it’s probably scarier than arguing with the LTTE. Democratic voices didn’t work for chelva and gg pon and I doubt they will work today, unless there is something to bargain with and that by your own confession, is only provided by the LTTE. Again it’s sad, but it’s true, and Tamils have to live with that.

    I think the alternative voices will come when the LTTE are in a position when they can be held accountable. When they have to interact with the outside world. Do business with them. Sign agreements. Get fucked by globalisation. Then there’s pressure. Not now. I agree the government behaves better now. Not in the NE but at least in Colombo etc where the international community sees what’s going on. I think the same kind of pressure will move the LTTE. Allow them to control territory and government legitimately. Allow an arrangement for some autonomy. That’s the best chance of exerting pressure and I’m sure the Tamil people will do that. The Tamils are an arrogant and difficult race and the LTTE will have to face upto that. But Tamils cannot let the LTTE get weakened. So I’m not passing the buck, but I think there’s a lot the Sinhalese can do the change the LTTE. Blaming the Tamils for not opposing the LTTE just won’t do.
    A lot of Tamils even other than the LTTE are also willing to give their lives up for a worthy cause, as long as they’re convinced it is a worthy cause. Right now the options are limited. Terming these Tamils’ non opposition to LTTE to being “scared shitless” is a very unfair characterization.

    this really is the last post. been good exchanging ideas.

  37. Yeah, Aadhavan, good luck with your exams. There is no point arguing about this anymore. You seem to be a good bugger, and maybe we can chat over a drink when your exams are finished.

    I will answer your question about how I think the government pre-1994 carried out extra-judicial killings as a strategy:

    1. In dealing with the JVP insurrection of 1987-1989, death squads killed thousands of Sinhala youth suspected of having links to the JVP, not to mention prominent journalists and others who opposed the government.

    2. In 1983, the government did not do anything to stop the riots for a number of days (was it 5 days?) It took that long for JR Jayawardena to make a national announcement urging people to calm down, and it is believed that a faction of the government (a minister or two, I think) was instrumental in fermenting the riots against the Tamils. My knowledge on this is sketchy, but this is the generally accepted version, I think.

    You said:

    “The reality is that when the soldiers are attacked by Tigers and are unable to find them they get frustrated and attack civilians because they are Tamils- they are the other. hey are not Sri Lankan but Tamil. It happens elsewhere, and that is sad too.”

    I agree with you. This probably happens a lot.

    Now, I’ll leave you to get some studying done. Thank you for your honest opinion.

  38. what? not even a dissing of mala’s rant? no one even calling me a crazy bit*h? is this indicative of something people?

  39. A quick observation on “terrorism” wrt. the LTTE and “state terrorism” with respect to GOSL/SLA:

    one of the main advantages of guerilla warfare is the ability to merge with civilians and local communities and make them an integral part of the fighting/rebellion mechanism. Advantages include intelligence, infiltration, reconnaicense.

    The LTTE NOW has evolved into a more organized, formal, fighting mechanism, but has not given up its “wing” of activities laundered through civilian means, some unknowingly, some supporting knowingly.

    This tactic is effective in that it causes definite civilian casualties. Unfortunately GOSL doesnt have cruise missiles that will do a couple of loops in the air and land on Soosai’s plate to accompany his morning dhosai and sambar with a little ribbion and a note attached saying “astala vista”.

    This is not an excuse to say that blanket bullet-spraying is justified, nor am I defending any (or anyone’s) ‘position’. I’m saying that yes, in the context of this particular guerilla war, civilian casualties are more imminent than more formal warfare (or close to such a defition). Not an excuse, yet a sick reality.

    As for the bus bombing it was pretty sick, just like Central Bank, JOC, etc etc.

    I wish i had more time to read in more extensively all the comments posted on this blogs, which are written from the heart. Which is what counts. And the fact that we disagree so passionately yet try so hard to channel strong emotions through mild sarcasm, careful wording and excellent writing – I think its a victory on its own – to agree to disagree and not go ballistic. It would be utterly boring if everyone agreed and life was about rainbows and chocolate ice cream. Good job on Ravana for starting the blog, and good job on everyone for their strong points of view which keep making us think from other points of view.
    Long live blogging as a meagre yet important means of conflict resolution!!

    Hope everyone, regardless of who represents them has a decent weekend 🙂 and prayers for all killed, for we are end as ashes in the soil we unnecessarily need to fight over.

    Bon nuit.


  40. I would like to second Gulab in saying that this is one of the better and more constructive discussions I’ve seen in awhile. Luckily nutters like Ashanthi kept their irrationalities out of this one.

    Sophist good idea about getting Janadapathi and Ashanthi to go fuck each other, maybe they will cancel each other out and that will be two less idiots to worry about 🙂

    My two cents is that its time we recognized the Tigers as merely a symptom of the chronic issue of bad governance that plagues Sri Lanka. I will elaborate on that once I have some time, and hopefully try and suggest some solutions.

    Nice blog ravana…and cheers for the comment!

  41. Aadhvan. Don’t expect a reply mate but read this in your study break. Like not ‘study’ break, but break from studying. I generally take breaks from taking a break to study. It’s a fundamentally flawed system.

    If you misinterpreted my assertion of being ‘scared shitless’ it wasn’t a derogatory epithet. It’s just the way I write and you will find (I hope) that my obnoxity is not coupled with malice and/or hatred.

    As you point out the mistrust between the communities (and justly so) is the sole reason why the LTTE can’t disarm. It is unfortunate that I can’t guarantee to you, that ‘my’ government will negotiate the Tamil cause regardless of any external coercion, merely out of the goodness of their hearts. You are big enough to point out the faults of the Tamil race and I am comfortabley enough to echo the phrase ‘Sinhalaya modaya’ – just take a look at Janapthi. The half wit cunt.

    But as Ravana said…this issue will probably still be around after you finish your exams in which event he and I, and I’m sure others will be more than happy to meet up and thrash matters out. I’m chuffed at how constructive this thread has been and that has largely been due to your emotional detachment and rationality, in the face of some provocation.

    If we don’t do something about this nobody will. I’m tired of waiting for something to happen. I think it’s time we pulled our fingers out of our arse. No?

  42. PPS – perhaps my use of the phrase ‘thrash matters out’ was not quite appropriate. Discuss would probably have been less ambiguous. Hee hee.

  43. s,
    I’ll definitely take up Ravana’s and your offer for a drink given that I’ve had one or two good ones with you in the past. Gulab will join too. I didn’t want to divulge my identity here because I wasn’t sure whether it was safe. First time you see.

    Skipper said he called you but you were not in the country. We’ve improved quite a bit. Try and drop in if you can, same days, monday, wednesday and a small crowd on friday!


    sorry for not dropping the hints earlier, but i found it thoroughly hilarious! thanks for the compliments, anonymity does have its benefits!

  44. Sigh….Madhan are you the antithesis of Janapathi. Why shouldn’t I dare to read some books. I read the Hi Magazine the other day and it was a damn good read.

  45. Sorry for the insult Sophist,
    It seemed to me that you were rude against tamils. Im not sure if I am right, but you have said something bad against the ltte that you really shouldn’t have. May I ask you if your Tamil or Sinhalese?

  46. No Madhan I’m not Ravana. It doesn’t matter whether I’m Tamil or Sinhalese. Read the posts, and make informed insults if you are insisting on making them. Don’t react on misconceptions. It’s a common flaw – put it right. When you shit on a bugger make sure he deserves it.

  47. ok sophist, sorry for the rude reaction I mad earlier. I am a bit ba
    d tempered, especially when someone says something rude about tamils. I was asking you if you were sinhalese ot tamil, because if you were tamil you would understand the feelings of tamil struggle and how the ltte struggle to make peace for the tamils. If you were sinhalese, obviously you would stick to the government. Not all sinhalese know what is happening up north of Sri lanka. If you read the book called War nad Peace, you would undertand why there is war.

  48. Mr Ravana,
    Your a idiot. and bloody fucking sinhala chauvinist. we, tamils dont bother about the bloody sinhala chauvinist concept and their mind sets. because more than 3 decades sinhala buddist government opperessed tamils from their home land. tamils has the self dignity. we do not want to beg for anything from fucking sinhalees. mind it in world population tamil are 6 billion. Tamils world Leader is Hon . V.Pirapaharan who will recapture the tamil home land soon. Every tamils hope heartfully the LTTE. they are the sole reprsentative for tamil ethnicity. you bloody sinhala dictators can only shout. that all. but LTTE, master minders, achivers, …..
    So my opinioln is dont waste time to critisize the tamils’ struggle. If you consider the thinking how to develope sinhala poor areas. And how to prvent sinhala thgus ,underworld parties, kuddugaraya.

    Dont waste the time in thinking off tamils. they can govern them self. they have good assets to govern called LTTE.

    Mr Fucking Sinhala Ravana

  49. Mr Ravana,
    The only incident you can remember is the bomb blast in Kebethigollawa, but have you ever heard the Air force strike on the childrens centre which killed 61 innocent children. What are you going to say to that?

  50. But Thamilan, I would like to ask you few questions. If we are governt by the ltte, we will get in big trouble, because the other international comitees have stamped them as terrorists. Just if the world can help us to porve we are not terrorists.

  51. Madhan,

    The targeting of children, even child soldiers, is illegal under international law, as far as I understand it. However, if the child soldiers were “in action”, i.e. they were firing at you, you would be justified in shooting them. This would be legal. So, if the child soldiers were being trained as suicide cadres, how would you determine when they were “in action”? Wait until they blow themselves up? No thank you.

    The LTTE’s policy of recruiting their own children as child soldiers is undeniable. The LTTE uses children as cannon fodder. This is unjustifiable. To take the high ground on children’s welfare while continuing to carry out this policy of recruiting children is ridiculous.

    There is little doubt, and none whatsoever in my mind, that the “orphanage” as you put it, was a training camp. There is overwhelming proof of this, including aerial photographs and testimonies of three young adults (18, 19, 20 years of age) who escaped the bombing.

    The death of innocent children on any side is a tragedy. If you feel so strongly about it, I suggest you speak out against the LTTE’s policy of recruiting child soldiers.

  52. Ravana,
    No one can prove they are child soldiers. For god sake they are innocent children. Why can’t the army surrender them instead of killing them?

    You are a sinhalese and I know you will support the government rather then ltte. But Ravana, do you know why army has killed innocent people? no. thats why you are talking againt our society and as Thamilan said you are chauvnist.

  53. Ravana,
    I want to say one more thing. You just enjoy your bloody life, while people up north are suffering. You are a person with no feelings at all!!!

  54. Dude Madhan – where are you writing from machan, just out of curiousity.

    Just to set the record straight. If you read this thread properly I think there has been a voyage of discovery as far as understanding between the two communities is concerened.

    Ravana is NOT – and I repeat NOT – ‘talking against your society’ as you so eloquently point out. We are speaking against the LTTE who unfortunately have given the sinhalese a reason to hate the Tamil people.

    That hatred is unfounded and we must do our best to alleviate it. All we are saying is that it would help if all thos Thamilians who deplore the methods adopted by the LTTE would do what they can (and I know that’s not much for several reasons) to help the sinhalese understand that not all Tamils are evil.

    The GOSL and the LTTE perform very similar functions. However, there are a lot of us who both those organisations don’t represent. We have to realise that and understand it and acknowledge it without aligning ourselves to either organisation. That is self destructive.

  55. Thanks for that Sophist.

    Yes, Madhan, please read the entire comment thread on this post and then read my post entitled “The Scars of July 1983” before making any judgments about what category you wish to put me in.

  56. Ravana and Sophist,
    Have you ever seen any other Sinhalese MPs or individuals who supported tamils and wanted to help them. Ranil Wickremesinghe is a person who the tamils can’t trust due to his recent activities as a president. But that wasn’t long, because Chanderika or however you spell her name came in power. All Tamils had hopes in each and every Sinhalese President. But what does the president do? He betrays them and helps his own community. We Tamils are also citizens of Sri Lanka and we shoul have equal right and develop our socialism.

  57. First, there are some mistakes on your last comment. Ranil Wickramasinghe was never President, he was Prime Minister. If, as you say, the Tamil Sri Lankans can’t trust him, then why were so many of them willing to vote for him in the last election? The overwhelming majority of the Tamils wanted to vote for Ranil Wickramasinghe in the North and East, but they were prevented from doing so by force by the LTTE. The only Tamil Sri Lankan who voted in a particular polling area got his hand chopped off by the LTTE.

    You say, “We Tamils are also citizens of Sri Lanka and we should have equal rights”. I agree with this wholeheartedly and I believe that the final solution should be in some sort of federal power-sharing form. I do not think a separate state is justified or workable.

  58. Madhan – I concede your point without so much as a fuss. There is absolutely no reason for the Tamils to trust ‘Sinhalese’ (it should be Sri Lankan but it isn’t) leadership. But in the same way the LTTE hasn’t really been a bastion of trustworthiness has it?

    Before this degenerates into a trading of instances where both sides have let each other down, let’s just accept the fact that there is a vast majority of us who don’t like either the LTTE or the GOSL. It is therefore our responsiblity to expose these two fraudsters to the best of our ability.

    Tamils are Sri Lankans – you and I admit that. But until the masses of this country are willing to draw the line between Tamil and Terrorist we will have a problem. And I think it’s something that ‘moderate’ Tamils need to help distinguish. How – I don’t know.

  59. well sophist, it’s a two way process. Plus it’s dynamic. Tamils need to be convinced that the Sinhalese will negotiate honestly and honourably with them, even if the tamils are helpless and defenceless. The Sinhalese need to be convinced that the Tamils will accept a genuine power sharing agreement, and not use some new found autonomy to screw the Sinhalese over in revenge.

    Attitudes must change. Leaders must show the way. If we don’t learn to trust each other and forgive, and do so quickly, we’re fuckered. Just think what it would do for peace building if both MR and VP get on TV, apologize to the other race, say they are committed to peace and express the idea that if we don’t learn to unite and live, India will screw us all.

    Madhan , I don’t think it helps when we start calling all Sinhalese racist and chauvinist. They are not. There are differences of opinion and understanding that we must bridge amicably. Calling them racist doesn’t help. And it hurts moderate Sinhalese when they are called racist as much as it hurts us when we are called terrorists.

  60. Madhan, I agree completely with Aadhavan’s first two paragraphs. That agreement is something that has been elicited through his approach to dialogue within this very thread.

    I think it’s also pertinent to reiterate his last sentence.

    Both Ravana and I could respond angrily to your ill-advised and inaccurate taunts of ‘racist’ – but by doing so, and by your potentially aggressive reaction, we are merely perpetuating the very thing we, through dialogue such as this, should be striving to eliminate.


  61. Did I call you racist Sophist, no!!!! So why are you making such angry comments about me. If i had replied back angrily you lot wud be stuck and out of words. I did not call all sinhalese a racist and im terribly sorry for calling you a racist, Ravana. But what you have said the children in da orphanage are child soldiers, which they r not. If we all tamils read this they would definitely reply angrily. Sophist, who’s advise did you call “ill”. look at yours. wHAT KIND OF ADVISE IS DAT?

  62. Just ignore the bugger. I don’t know whether it’s some misguided malice or an inability to communicate, or both.

    Madhan, go learn some English without giving all Tamils a bad name. Btw, there’s this guy called Janapathi with a really cool blog. You should visit the site and engage the bugger. He’s your type.

  63. Aadhavan,
    you are a bugger your self and you stop giving the tamils a bad name. Why should I go and learn some Engllish. You go to schol first and start from 1st standard you idiot. By the way what kind tamil are you. stupid bugger.

  64. Sophist you are a bugger yourself. Listen I’m not against Sinhala people here. As I said I’m terribly sorry for calling you a Racist. Actually I can’t speak to buggers like Sophist or Aadhavan. Basically, Ravana you are right that Ranil wasn’t a president. But, if you see in the election in 2005, Ranil promised that he would help tamils that and make peace to Sri Lanka. well, one voted for him and not even sinhalese. Ltte did not let tamils to vote at all, which lead Mahinda Rajapakse to have the majority votes. I don’t understand why?

    I mean look at Sri Lanka now. There are lots of people running with arms even down south. Since the cease fire agreement was set in Geneva promised remove the weapons from paramillitaries. that promise to be borken.

    And I don’t expect reply from buggers like Sophist and Aadhavan.

  65. There could be no fitting end to this post (I read all of it by the way and was inspired by the comments of Ravana, Aadhavan, Sophist and Gulab) but that last comment by Madhan.

    I nearly choked laughing after reading that.

    Man, I’m still laughing!

  66. Madhan,

    You are right that Ranil had a more LTTE-friendly policy than Mahinda in the last election, and that he did, in fact, lose the election. However, do not forget that it was one of the closest elections ever in the history of Sri Lanka and that Mahinda won by a very narrow margin. If not for the LTTE’s decision to prevent the Tamil Sri Lankans in the North and East from voting, Ranil Wickramasinghe would today certainly be the President of Sri Lanka and the present bloody escalation of hostilities would not have taken place.

    I am not suggesting, however, that the majority of the Sinhalese who voted for Mahinda Rajapakse are not to be directly held responsible for the current situation. I, personally feel very sad that more people did not vote for Ranil Wickramasinghe, both for political as well as economic reasons. Some people voted for Mahinda based on the belief that Ranil was giving in too much to the LTTE, in the face of their violations of the ceasefire and the Tigers’ systematic operations to strengthen their military and political position. Others voted for Mahinda, not based on his policies on the conflict, but based on his agricultural, pro-rural, leftist policies. Still others voted for Mahinda because Ranil, when he became Prime Minister did not reward his close supporters by handing out jobs in already overstaffed ministries. Further the economic benefits of Ranil’s prime ministership were only felt by the Western province, and the rural masses felt ignored.

    The bottom line of all this is that the majority of this country do not rate the ethnic conflict as their number one problem when it comes to elections. The population in the North and East do, but not the rest of the country. The rest of the country rates the cost of living as their number one issue. (This is not my opinion; these are facts validated by research agencies during several past elections)

    So, what does this mean? It means that after all these years of fighting, the majority of the of the population in the South really have not been that affected by the war – not enough to make it a priority when voting anyway. The people who are suffering in this war are predominantly the Tamil Sri Lankans and the Muslim Sri Lankans in the North and East, and yes, the minority of the Sinhalese population that live in those areas. While it is true that the LTTE’s prolonged military action has been accompanied by moves towards equal rights and power sharing by the government of Sri Lanka, it is also abundantly clear that the LTTE’s existence has worsened the day to day living conditions of the their own people. This situation will continue indefinitely. Given the fact that the LTTE has not succeeded thus far in making the Sinhalese majority care enough about this conflict, in their present weakened state, they look unlikely as ever being able to do so.

    Therefore, Tamil Sri Lankans must find another way to find a permanent solution to this conflict. It was the LTTE’s decision to return to war. I doubt this strategy will strengthen their negotiating position as it has done in the past.

    There must be another way, and for the sake of a permanent solution it must include a way to ensure that the LTTE is not the only voice of the Tamil Sri Lankans.

  67. Thanks for the comment Ravana,
    I do agree with you with the advise you have given me. Thanks for the advise Ravana.

    And nice blog.

  68. Ahhh….from Denmark. Close to the action and all that. Really gives you an insight into the ground realities of the conflict doesn’t it Madhan? And who told you Ranil was President? Was it Dumeetha Luthra?

  69. Sophist, what do you want? I am not talking to you am I. By the way I live in Colombo now, stupid bugger. I used to live there and I then moved here.

  70. Ravana,
    Not really a large population as there is in other placre of the world. But, When i lived there 2 years ago. I was shocked there were even Tamil people in Denmark, which is quite a small country and is not that popular. I thought most people would go to countries like Germany, London, etc.

  71. Dude, oh puhlease.. why are you acting like a sissy gurl, now. Sri lanka is for sinhalese, period. We have gradually wiped these tamils and we WILL wipe out the last tamil on SRI LANKA. get that?

  72. Ravana, Aadhavan, Sophist,

    Good argument. By the way I am not the same Thamilan who posted before, I am not aggressive as him but I do support the creation of Tamil Eelam.

    Many times I argued with Sinhalese on this issue, at the end I got the final say from all of them. When they start with me they do spill out their ectremist view, once I start putting facts and evidence to support my fact they drop everything and bring out the extremist mentality of the Sinhalese. Their final answear they provide that the Island belongs to the “Sinhalese only” and Tamils just have to live with that.

    What Prabaharan did, which is to boycott the election was democratically wrong. Look at the picture, there is no democracy in Sri Lanka for the Tamils. I believe the boycott is justified. If there is a peaceful solution, it has to be made with the Extremist Sinhalese not the Sinhalese who are feed up with the way the coutry is performing. Its not the Sinhalese who the Tamils have problem with, it’s the extremist Sinhalese that we have the problem with. Who campaigned on the extremist level who could win the election? Of course it was MR, and when he won he took the other extremist JVP and JHU for the ride. My point is that, if Ranil won the election and we agreed on a peaceful agreement, it would never be implemented because of the extremist. If the extremist agreed on a solution of couse there would be no problem implementing the agreement. Look at the past, all the pact that was made between the Tamils and the Sinhalese were not implemented because of the extremist. I don’t care what you have to say, Prabaharan is undoutably a tactial politician who knows who to make agreement with and whom to avoid.

    LTTE cannot weaken themselves at any cost or lay down the weapons during the ceasefire, its simple, they loose the bargaining chip. JVP or JHU can simply say “the games over and we won”

    Lot of people who are barking that LTTE runs a brutal dictarship, the governement has treated us worst then the LTTE. Here is a simple sentence to describe that “I would havppily be beaten by my dad then by my neighbour”.

    Colombo has put an embargo on pretty much everything, what kind of governement does that to their own people? Of course the government did that because they don’t consider us as an equal citizen.

    “Sinhalese will be happy when the Tamils are starved” these are the words from JR Jayawardena the president. I wasn ‘t born at that time but if I was a Tamil youth during that time and hearing this from the president, cleary shows that Tamils have to defend themselves. Which was the exact reaction of many of the youths of the time. Even to this day, people in power at Colombo still shouting the same sentences as JR.

    Jaffna has been under the government control for more then a decade. It was the clear chance of turning the problem into peace and the governement messed it up. More then a decade not a single development was made except for military camps, military post, military occupation, abduction, rape and killings. Now the East is in the governement control and I laughed at the governement when I read endless news of development project. If they can’t develop Jaffna, they will never be able to develop the East.

    The prevention of NGO’s journalist and diplomats to LTTE held area. Why? If the LTTE dicitates eveything, let them see it, why prevent them. If they are going to go in there, let them sign a will saying that you are going on your own and you are responsible for what ever happens. What does the government has to loose by letting them see what is happening there?

    This one really bugs me! In 1983 there was a mass killing of Tamils, it was cleary organized. I don’t know how the Sinhalese see that year. At that time JR was the president and of course the Tamils cannot expect any justice. 25 years passed by and have any of the other governement that came into power lunched a full investigation or arrested or even pinpointed anyone for that crime. Forget 1983, how about the years before? The crimes committed by the armed men of Sinhalese orgin against the Tamils, what about them? Remember LTTE never existed or any other armed Tamil groups. Is this the kind of justice that we are expected to live with in a united Sri Lanaka and be the victiam of Sinhalese violence?

    People claiming that the Sinhalese were on the island before everyone. So far this is the claim inside the Island by many Sinhalese, have they proven that they were there before everyone or have they took that argument with the Indians? Where did the Sinhalese come from, where and when did their language developed? Any evidence? The only Naval empire of the Sub-continent were the Pandian, Chola, Palla, a fact that even the first Prime Minister of India openly told all the North Indians and there are practically endless evidence of these Naval empires. Aryan orgins? Sinhalese don’t look any different form the Tamils if the Tamils removed their moustache or if the Sinhalese grew their moustache.

    Maturity! Something the ruling political people of Sri Lanka don’t have. Look at Singapore and Malaysia.

    Lets face it. The damage has been done at an unreversable level. Separeation is the only soulution I see forward for both communities. Guranteed that Tamil Eelam will be economically overpowering the Sinhalese Nation (unless the Sinhalese prove us wrong), the Tamil Dispora community around the world has a special saving account waiting to cashed out as soon as Tamil Eelam comes into existence. Guranteed that if separated, Sinhalese political landscape will change to accommodate honest politicians. About Tamil Eelam and Sinhalese nation having a good relationship? It will depend on the view of the future genereation of the past and if they want to forgive and forget.

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