The Return of the Colombo Pub Quiz

Wednesday is a lovely night for a pub quiz

By some strange malevolent happenstance, the designers seem to have left in five whole working days between weekends. Clearly, for some of us, at least, this gap is far too long to endure, and a call for corrective action is almost a physiological response (hic). Although the Sri Lankan government does grant us the highest number of public holidays in the world, I find that it is just not good enough.  

Therefore, the reappearance of the Colombo Pub Quiz on my social calendar is very welcome. Now, it’s on every Wednesday at 8pm at Inn On The Green, nestled snugly between a Tuesday and a Thursday. You will notice, that the quiz is symmetrically placed between two working days at either end – equidistant, as it were, from the weekends. Thus, it provides an oasis in the middle of the week, where journeymen traversing the vast desert of the five-day working week can stop a while and quench their thirst.

Sheer genius, if you ask me. 😉

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30 thoughts on “The Return of the Colombo Pub Quiz

  1. Actually, Savi, if you subscribe to my view of a pub as being an essentially British institution, the Inn On The Green is the most authentic one in Sri Lanka, as far as I’m aware. According to the Leisure Times’ Nine Laws of Pubs, a pub should…

    1. Stand alone (be independent)
    2. Have a large range of beers
    3. Have pub grub (e.g. fish and chips, steak and kidney pie)
    4. Have regular patrons (community feel)
    5. Have activities (darts, pub quizzes, pool etc)
    6. Have pub-like decor
    7. Have patrons of all ages
    8. Not be pretentious or be patronised by pretentious gits
    9. Have a pub-like name (e.g. the Red Lion)

    The Inn on the Green fits most of these perfectly, and its the only pub in SL to have bitter on tap (Tetleys), which is awesome. Also, the crowd is nice, and the waiters are friendly. Range of food could be improved though, although they do have very British pub-fare.

  2. Tetley’s? You mean what hobos drink?
    Also, wont patronising these pubs that others don’t patronise be construed as a form of elitism? Once you have elitists, pretentiousness will only become a matter of time.

    Enjoy your pub while it lasts.

  3. I think he means that the Inn on the Green as pretentiously wanky (shit beer and all) as any other upmarket pub in Sri Lanka or for that matter, as this gem “Actually, Savi, if you subscribe to my view of a pub as being an essentially British institution…”

  4. Point taken, but Irish pubs are the exception that suggests the generalisation is not innacurate. The very fact that they have a separate subentry to themselves in Wikipedia indicates that they are an exception. Plus, Northern Ireland is part of the UK anyway, so although it doesn’t strictly qualify as British, it’s close.

    Anyway, my comment with the nine laws of pubs in it was tongue-in-cheek.

  5. [Chuckle].

    Yeah, but Sri Lankans don’t “live” there either. Actually, Savi_3, if you want to “live” at a place, Barefoot, is probably better. Inn is more of a pub, than a live-in place. You need a courtyardy kind-of-place to live in, no? Galle Face hotel terrace? Expensive, though. Barista? No courtyard, got indoor games, though. Too little going on, though. I’d pick Barefoot. Having said that, I must go and check this new place, InsideOut.

  6. hehe.. thanks for indulging my simple questions. there seems to be a list of new places to check out in the capital since i was there only a year ago.. it’s always nice to get the local perspective on things. the menu at Barefoot is an advertisement in itself.. will def check it out cos i love good food 🙂 have been there for lunch/dinner in the past but i dont recall this amazing menu..
    Inside Out .. is that anywhere near the Millenium pub? Flag and Whistle is another place i’ve been meaning to check out.. from the food point of view.. Sea Spray at Galle Face another place i havent’ been but someone said the service was shite..?

    wouldn’t it be great if there was a blog dedicated to bar/restaurant reviews in Colombo? no political discussions allowed 🙂

  7. Good idea about the blog. LT should so one. I’ll suggest it to them.

    Galle Face – I didn’t mean the seafood restaurant, I mean the balck & white checkerboard. It’s great for a beer at sunset. Rs.350, though as opposed to Rs.175 Rs.250 at Barefoot.

    Haven’t been to Flag & Whistle in a while. Used to have good food. Huge place.

    Inside Out is in Pelawatte apparently. David Blacker left the address on in response to your post, I think?

    If you’re here around the 14th /15th of October go for the 24 hour party on the island on Bolgoda lake. Tim and Bin are organising. Promises to be good.

  8. nvr been to a 24 hr party, what a great idea.. unfortunately won’t be in the sunny isle until X’mas at least 😦 do put up a post about it with some pics if u do go..

    been getting emails about a couple of New Years Eve parties in Cmb – the Fatman Scoop event at Mount and CNL at Galle Face. i know it’s a long way to December yet (but Tesco have started selling X’mas pudding already.. !!) have u heard of any other New Yrs eve parties with potential?

  9. The Fatman Scoop event at Mt. Lavinia is organised by the same people (Tim Claessen and Bin) as the 24Hr party. The best party I’ve ever been to was the Buba party organised those two in February (?), so at the moment I’m leaning thataway. Plus, they will create different “environments” at the Mt. party, so it won’t just be Fatman Scoop, if you don’t dig his music.

    CNL and Galle Face will be probably be a younger crowd this year, considering ususally CNL’s events are packed with teens. It’ll be interesting to see whther the regular Galle Face posse goes there.

    I wonder what happened to Dinesh Sellamuttu’s party? He normally organises Galle Face.

  10. never been to a CNL or Buba or Tim and Bin party so will be a novel experience eitherway.. i’m kinda looking fwd to the end of the year !!

    Dinesh S and his neighbour (my cousin) who used to do the galle face parties are both new parents so they probably don’t have time for event organizing anymore? i dunno really.. i got the impression CNL took over that mantle altogether.

    maybe somebody will organize a kick ass SLan new yrs party in London one of these days.. not the usual town hall do with rice packets for dinner that finishes at 1am when everybody sings the national anthem and goes home ..i live in hope 🙂

  11. I thought the Serendipity crowd and Anushka Somebody and her friend were into organizing Sri Lankan parties. They even had a website / mailing list. The photos looked a lot cooler than bath packets. Like almost too cool for school. Eclectic is probably the word.

  12. not been to any of the Serendipity parties.. one of them was a bit of a disaster i think that was the launch party when the venue cancelled on them last minute 🙂 but their last wine and cutlets soiree at Noble Sage was quite good apparently and also the cricket party looked good from the pics at least..neither of which i managed to attend. did u go to any of those parties btw i think i saw ur pic in one of the Serendipity mags…had lunch with Rayray at Elephant Walk in W.Hampstead and had great fun looking thru all the SLan tabloids while waiting for our food to arrive.

    Mika fusion (Kumi and Anushka) had a one off cocktails and cutlets do ages ago.. nothing since.. similarly Anodyne died a natural death after their organizers all got hitched.. their parties were shite anyway black tie dress code and 5* hotels.. no food.. no chairs or tables.. supposedly for young professionals but packed with uni students and a big fight in the car park after 🙂

    sadly nothing along the lines of the Colombo parties in London.. yet..the rice packets are a new yrs special i think 🙂

  13. Anodyne? Haven’t heard of it. Was it a Sri Lankan singles thing? I think I heard about something along those lines.

    I haven’t been to London in 5 years unfortunately. The only Serendipity launch I went to was the one at Tantra in Colombo – the local launch. It was good – met some interesting people, who I’ve met a few times after that, and have gotten to know better, confirming that they were, in fact, genuinely interesting. I guess the photo you saw of me was the one with P and my Kraft (trademark cheesy smile)? 😀

    Haven’t been to Elephant Walk, only to that place in Victoria – Sekara’s. How does EW compare? And how’s marriage treating Rayray? Give her my regards. Just found out from T that you were S’s sister. That was a damn fine speech sshe gave at the wedding.

  14. ..the organizers were a group of male now 30 something british SLans (whatever that means) who seem to have given up trying to host parties for Young Professionals aged 25+ cos it just didn’t work the 1st yr uni students managed to outnumber everybody else.. the highlight of the evening was the after party fight in the venue car park usually a 5* London hotel.. varied menu..the south indian dishes were better than the SLan ones. the cutlets and mutton rolls were disappointing.. kottu was better than Sekara’s but not as good as Prince of Ceylon (restaurant in Hendon)…good sized portions and they do delivery as well i think..i’d give it 6.5/10

    yes i’m S’ older sister..i read the text of her speech cos i didnt make the wedding ..thought it was rather good myself, then again Ray made an awesome speech at S’ wedding too..
    R seems to be doing well.. haven’t seen her since she got back from a 5 day trip to NYC..

    i didn’t realize Serendipity had a SLan launch as well..yes u certainly looked happy in the pic we saw 🙂

    how was the 24 hr party at Bolgoda?

  15. Yes, it’s on every Wednesday at 8pm at Inn On The Green. Last week was an exception in that it was shifted to Thursday because of a Belgian beer festival at the same venuw.

  16. The Pub Quiz is on. But it’s early (i.e. – on time) because the Quizmasters will have to leave asap. There will be a Sophist round in honour of the man’s last birthday in the realms of legal singledom.

  17. You may not, but I do 🙂
    [know what I look like. Know what you look like too]

    Are you afraid of ghostwriters bearing free beer? (or the tipple of your choice?)

  18. Just a quick note to Darren and his missus for the hard work they put into the quiz on Jan 6th, my last night in Colombo, as we say in Ireland ‘a good night’s craic’, we had a bit of ‘craoc’ getting home, our flight from Heathrow to Belfast was diverted to the International airport due to the fog at the George Best city, but we got here ok, it’s been freezing cold since we got back and is forecast to stay that way for a while, anyhow, Darren, must go as it’s lunch time and i’ve to meet my wife. A|ll the best, Chris the Celtic supporter from Ireland aka ‘The rottweiller’s better half’

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