The Clinton Interview

Did you hear about the Bill Clinton interview with Fox TV a few weeks ago? Yesterday, I was chatting with Warhammer Maniac about this, and he said he had watched the relevant bits of the interview on YouTube. He said it looked like Clinton got worked up and even started touching the interviewer, who actually looked scared.

So, I checked it out, and my friend was mostly right. 

Partly because it is good entertainment value, and partly as an experiment to see whether this YouTube embedding procedure actually works on, here is the clip for your viewing pleasure. 

Incidentally, I believe that Clinton was one of the best leaders the world has seen in recent times. He has been criticised for not doing enough to curb terrorism while he was in office. It is nice to hear him defend himself so well against that sort of criticism. If only all political leaders were this intelligent and eloquent. [Sigh.]

P.S. The Democrats are going to win the election November. Yay, yay!



4 thoughts on “The Clinton Interview

  1. // I believe that Clinton was one of the best leaders the world has seen in recent times.// agree with you 100%.
    After bush failed, again and again, they are also looking to put the blame on some one else. Same way Chandrika keep on blaming UNP for her mistakes – bush people turn back to Clinton.

    ABC docudrama pushed Clinton’s button to make him do this interview. It is really unfair TV program, purposely made to put 911 on Clinton’s account. It basically keeps on showing the ‘I did not have sex with that woman’ speech and Bin Laden planning to attach.

  2. It is sad to see that America could go from Clinton to Georgie boy. Bill has always been one of the few politicians I respect (and the only American). It’s always reassuring when the guy at the top takes responsibility for his mistakes and is capable of laughing at himself.

    Any of you guys seen the video Clinton made just before he left the White House? I’ll see if I can find and upload it.

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