Word “Tamil” Becomes Top Search on Google

For some bizarre reason, the word “Tamil” has topped the Google charts and become the most searched for word on the internet. Needless to say the world and his mum were surprised. I was so flabbergasted that I nearly fell off my chair. Google was so perturbed, they released an entire podcast devoted to it (hilarious, by the way). 

I can’t figure out the reason for the overwhelming popularity of the search term. Is this because of all the international news covering the Tamil Tigers? Or, is it because unbeknown to the rest of us frogs in this well called Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu is riding the wave of economic growth to fast become one of the most tech-savvy places in the world? Or, is it because millions of porn surfers have suddenly discovered a fetish for South Asian men with large moustaches?  

Whatever the reason is, Google can teach you all you ever needed to know about Tamils.

Or, can it?

Either way you’ll definitely learn something new. I did. Who’d have thunk it?

Take a look.

(If you are using an SL connection, click and go do something else for five minutes while it loads and come back. I’d say it’s worth it). 


19 thoughts on “Word “Tamil” Becomes Top Search on Google

  1. Propaganda!

    People search for ‘sex’ more than ‘Tamil’.

    People search for ‘light’ more than ‘Tamil’.

    People search for ‘moon’ more than ‘Tamil’.

    But keyword ‘Tamil’ have good run over some other keywords.

    Tamil Over LTTE (very good run)

    Tamil Over Elam

  2. Nothing to do with this, dude, but I really like your Patterns pictures. Nicely done.

    Just saw a brilliant film on a brilliant artist, Andy Goldsworthy, who finds / makes / enhances / celebrates the flow and the patterns of nature.

  3. Sam – a little hyperbole never hurt anyone. Perhaps I should have said “top gaining searches”. Also that podcast is some weeks old, I think.

    zbili – thanks.

  4. Hey Ravana,
    No problem. I just look at this in technical point of view.
    I really do not want to believe, humans are more interested in race than science in this century. Specially Indians. Frontier of the new science generation.
    Also every Google keyword has a cost. Google keyword is rough indication of current market trend.

    Still keyword Moon output 267,000,000 results and Tamil output 2,660,000

    But when look at this political point of view, keywords ‘LTTE’ and ‘Elam’ indicates relatively very low interest than keyword ‘Tamil’. That indicate world have relatively low interest in LTTE than Tamils.

  5. Cultural references made by an American who had NOooo idea about “tamil culture” are not embarrassing to anyone.

    I guess it is hard for some of us to come to terms with the fact that there are sooooo many Tamils in the world.

    Except of course if you’re Sri Lankan Tamil, you know that there are only a few of us left now and hence SL Tamils feel so isolated and alone.

  6. Justmal: That is utter rubbish. For one, the majority of “South Indians” have little connection with Tamil (hint: Tamil Nadu is not “South India”). Those that do call themselves either Tamil or Tamilian (which they use as an Anglicisation of “Tamizhan”), with no particular preference, just as both “Thamizh” and “Thamizhan” are used in Tamil itself.

    I found the podcast rather funny. I wonder what would have turned up if he’d run the same type of search associations on, say, Alabama.

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