Say “Sex” and Become Hot!

The blog stats peaked on Friday.

 The blog stats climaxed on Friday.

So, we all know sex sells, but today’s experience was just plain ridiculous. I used the word sex in my last post and suddenly I had the highest number of hits I have ever gotten on the blog. The post even made it to the Hot Posts Today list on’s home page, and considering this is a site with nearly half a million blogs on it, it makes you wonder how easily attracted we are to anything to do with sex. (Screen shot below).

 It is funny how sex grabs the attention so well. This tactic has been used in advertising and we are very familiar with it. But, why exactly do we find it so amazingly attention grabbing? Because it is private? Yeah, but so is taking a crap in the morning and you don’t see hordes of people clicking on, do you? 

I guess it’s because every living thing has an in-born need to reproduce. Some living things reproduce and then die immediately afterwards, like the much celebrated Black Widow spider. It’s almost like the whole purpose of its existence is for that one single mating ritual, where it can pass on its genes and ensure the survival of a copy of itself, although the individual itself dies in the process.

Nature gives this primary directive to all life. I suppose humans just have more developed brains so we can distract ourselves with other things like nanotechnology and performance art, but we can’t ignore the primary directive for long. And, in my opinion, that is why repressing its natural expression leads to its inevitable subverted expression and very often, a sick society with high incidences of pedophilia, incest, sexual harassment and, arguably, rape.    

Sometimes, opinion leaders in society, like the religious clergy, promote a completely unnatural and destructive view of sexuality, inadvertently adding to this sick society. In Theravada Buddhism and in Catholicism, the clergy is bound to celibacy. I don’t know how many of them take it out on the altar boys and the podi hamudoruwos, but it may safely be assumed that they, therefore, have no understanding of normal sexual relations. Sometimes, their lack of experience translates into some weird statements in the media, like the time I heard some religious leader railing against the evils of short skirts on TV. At other times, if they have strayed from the path, their attitudes towards sex are sure to be racked with guilt. And, their statements and teachings reflect this in church, in the temple, and most importantly in the media. Our society, being a very religious one, takes a large part of its opinion of what is “normal” from these religious leaders who have absolutely no clue of what they are talking about.

Am I the only one who sees a problem with that?


4 thoughts on “Say “Sex” and Become Hot!

  1. hey J,

    This is, at last, not about sex, at least not in Sri Lanka. Could’t remember if it was you that had such high hopes that I too would sneer at the movie Crash but instead I ended up boggled (omigod, Americans talking about race!). I think it was you. I’m less boggled now but still think it was a useful movie for sparking conversation, even if it could probably have been made less cumulatively absolute and hysterical and destructive. That’s Hollywood… ugh, yer welcome.

    Here’s another take on it, in my opinion overstated to the point of rabidly dogmatic, or dogmatically rabid, but with a couple useful nugs amid the insistence:

  2. night life scene is good with lots of small discs pubs etc all around the place. yup, there are some really impressive commerical buildings in gurgaon but the development is lopsided. either you get the flithy rich ppl or the really poor ppl. no middle class here 🙂

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