Quality versus Quantity

So, because I have been pretty busy lately with a new job and such, I have not written for a while. A few friends have pointed out that while they generally enjoy reading my posts, they think I don’t post regularly enough. Apparently the general international understanding is that a blog dies if you don’t post once in three days. Well, I don’t know if I am capable of sticking to that degree of regularity, but I’m going to try and post more often. Thanks, to kottu.org though, this blog has managed to attract enough attention and stay alive in spite of my sporadic posts. 

I am worried that an increase in the quantity of posts may mean a necessary decrease in quality. Clearly, I don’t get strongly passionate enough about an interesting subject every three days. Maybe, that type of inspiration comes along once in two or three weeks. What this means, therefore, is that, as opposed to fiery subjects like Sex, Religion and Politics, I would have to start blogging about relatively mundane stuff that happens to me day to day, or articles I find interesting, or my just my thoughts (ewwww!). However, I think this would be the necessary cost of achieving a decent regularity. 

The question is, is anyone really interested in reading that sort of thing? I find it difficult to believe that they are. Well, maybe my mum would read that kind of post, but she doesn’t know about the blog, thank god. I don’t really want her to read about where I think the g-spot is. Or, for her to find out the reason I was in such a good mood on the weekend. (Space cake). 

The alternative, of course, is to invite friends to contribute to Ravana. After all, eleven heads are better than ten.

Oh no. I think I’ve just made one of those long, rambling, introspective posts that no one really gives a shit about. Fuck it. This is what you’re going to get 70% of the time if you want more regularity.  


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