One for a Sunday Morning in Bed

Leaving Nest

Blue tit leaving nest.

So, I moved out of my parents’ house in the boondocks and into a three-bedroom annexe in Colombo West. It’s a nice place, superb location, and I’m sharing with two close friends.

When people ask me why I moved out I jokingly answer that I need to have sex, but actually, it’s more about being completely free to make your own decisions in general. I lived alone for three years in a foreign country but since I’ve returned to Sri Lanka, I’ve gotten used to having things done for me. Parents in Sri Lanka really do tend to dote over their kids. No other animal waits around after sexual maturity hits saying, “Ah, actually, I feel kind of weird cos Ammi and Thaathi are in the next den/nest/burrow”. The thing is, financially independent twenty-something year-olds are just not meant to live with their parents.

And so, the place is turning out to be pretty cool. There are people popping in and out all the time, but my room is kind of cut off, so I have my privacy when I need it. We’ve got WiFi, so I’m able to write this from my newly acquired king-sized spring mattress with the controversial Spiderman bedsheets. There is a cupboard with alcohol and a freezer full of ice cubes, and a box with the best of Hikka, but there’s no food in the house this morning, so I’m starving.

Hmmmm. Maybe I’ll go to my parents’ for lunch. It’s Sunday, there might be crab curry.


6 thoughts on “One for a Sunday Morning in Bed

  1. Congrats machang….. been pondering the same thing for a while but realised that since I’m only at home at weekends and to sleep on weekdays, it doesn’t make enough economic sense to move out… plus the lack of time to prepare food leading to an unhealthy diet, laundry expenses etc etc….

    But will do it someday.

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