Little Jo




Little Jo Walton,

Chips with salt on,

Where has she got to,

Our Li’l Jo?

Rompin’ in Pnom Penh?

Schemin’ in ‘Chi Minh?

In chaos in Laos

Along the Mekong?

Ain’t seen her

Since Halloween-er

Said the man on

Intoxins ‘n’ inboxes

‘N’ Portions For Foxes

Like chips with no salt on

‘thout our Little Jo.





I wrote this one in December 2006. She had been backpacking in South East Asia and she was out of touch. On her flickr site there were photos of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam and some of them were of travelling down the Mekong river. The last photo was dated 31st October 2006. Portions for Foxes is a song by Rilo Kiley, which we listened to a lot in April-July 2006.


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