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Malaka Silva is Only Human Too October 18, 2007

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Malaka Silva’s mum has said that her son is being harassed by the cops and the courts because he is the son of a Minister in the present government. Clearly, the lady has a point.

The Sri Lankan judiciary, along with courts of other Newly Banana Republicised Nations, has a bias against gun-toting thug politicians. Especially ones that make thinly veiled death threats against their enemies on national TV. 

Naturally, as a government starts abusing the fundamental rights of its citizens with impunity, the more likely it is that ministers in the executive will be persecuted by the judicial arm. Moreover, it is a commonly accepted fact that the temptation to send violent family members of even more violent politicans to jail is one which few judges can resist. After all, judges, as we all know, are masochists. 

Today, while reading about Malaka Silva’s mum, I had an epiphany: Malaka Silva is human too. He feels joy, and pain, and he has an Ammi and Thaatthi just like the rest of us. Well, maybe not exactly like the rest of us (my dad has no Phd for instance), but you see my larger point: the boy gets hungry, he sleeps, eats, shits and urinates just like all of us. The media, which has been so unduly hard on him lately, is finally starting to see this human side of him.

Malaka Mervyn Mahinda Statue  

Today, I heard the news that Malaka Silva has been released on bail for the relatively small sum of Rs.50,000. I am satisfied. It fits perfectly with the insignificant crimes of ilegally carrying a firearm, assault with an offensive weapon, grievous bodily harm, blatant breach and contempt of previously granted court orders. Furthermore, I find it heartening that a long suffering father of a thus persecuted son has the strength to take things into his own hands to go to the extent of threatening a lady magistrate’s octogenarian mother in the search of justice.  

What else is a person seeking justice to do when the blatant bias of the Sri Lankan judiciary knows no bounds? 


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Thilan - October 24, 2009

I agree unduly. On a recent night, we were enjoying a drink at the shine night club (opposite St. Bridgets Girls School) and it must have been around 2AM when the club manager abruptly asked us to clear our table as a VIP guest was on his way and that we were sat at his table. Now we got there at around 11pm and there was no reserved signs and had to scamper to get the table as the club was very crowded but only to be kicked out of our comfortable seats to a smaller table 3 hours later. Well the VIP guest arrived with his impressionable posse and when I asked around I was told he was Amila Fonseka. I dont know what he but what gives him the right to a table at 2AM over us who were there at 11PM? It is ppl like this Amila Fonsekas, Malaka Silvas, Rehan Wijertnes that spells the doom of a fair democratic future.

2. Malaka - October 19, 2007

I’m Malaka Silva and I’m coming… after YOU!

3. ravana - October 19, 2007

Bring a gun. You’ll need it.

Irshad (Mr.Boom) - October 26, 2009

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irshad (Boom) - October 26, 2009

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4. Jamal-Dubai - November 17, 2007

I dont know about Malaka. But Chamainda Senasinghe is no monk. He used be involved in many fights in the Cascades Night club back in late nineties when I was a manager there.

5. Ryan J - April 11, 2008

malaka is one of the best friends i ever met in life. thanks mate

6. Ahamed Nizar - June 19, 2008

haha this is hilarious. my dad doesnt have a Phd either

7. Raniks - November 1, 2009

Amila Fonseka is showing off pig!

8. Maple - December 16, 2009

Your comment drips with envy and bad grammar Raniks. Amila—good guy, albeit a little arrogant. If you don’t like what you see, stop looking.

9. vishesh nehru - December 16, 2009

u people just know hw to talk bullshit abut somebody ………i know amila foneseka personally….he is a gem of a person……….. …AND at last i would like to say that if somebody was fuckin thrown out of the club just because amila foneseka was coming …SO amila foneseka deserved it …….AND U PEOPLE should FIRST DESERVE THN DESIRE.what i think from my point of vewis U PEOPLE ARE JEALOUS THTS ALL ABOUT IT

10. Dalip Grewal - December 17, 2009

Respect is commanded and not demanded…if the club threw u out (u=thilan) den u deserved to be thrown out…huh…u can’t DEMAND respect Thilan…Amila commands respect and he gets it…maybe becoz hez got the money, haan? U really wish u could be Amila, don’t you…Raniks and Thilan…but then…u can’t.

I know him personally and very well…he’s not even 10% of what people think he is…try to BE with him, hang out with him, to actually COMMENT!

11. Thilan - December 18, 2009

Wow. Another one who sucks up to the Fonsekas! Why am I not suprised? Fonsekas are so 1990’s and this is the time of the royal family of Rajapaksha. Bend over loosers!!!!!

12. Ice - December 18, 2009

1990’s or not they still get more than you Thilan.

13. Thilan - December 21, 2009

and what do you get vanilla ice???

14. Ice - December 21, 2009


15. Guriqbal Singh Dhillon - December 27, 2009

@thilan…lets see in the coming elections man…i know fonseka’s will win..n by god’s grace if they win..you need to find a place to hide( go to saddam hussian for advise)..

16. Malik - January 18, 2010

Ice – Are you related of the fonsekas??

17. Ramesh - January 30, 2010

Where is Amila Fonseka? I hear about him but never see him???

18. Mateesha - January 30, 2010

Anyone who has been to H20 will remember Amila Fonseka.

19. Ramesh - February 2, 2010

Why is that Mateesha?

20. Mateesha - February 4, 2010

Because Amila Fonseka was the most happening guy in H20 and everybody was talking about him. Everybody still talking about him and Nalin Fonseka

21. Ravi - February 8, 2010

H20 days are finished. I know Nalin Fonseka’s nephew open new club at CR and FC his name Pavitra Fernando but I never heard of this Amila character.

22. Nishi - February 11, 2010

Amila Fonseka is just an sexy guy. Nevermind what his family is but he will never compare to Malaka or any of that sort

23. Ramesh - June 13, 2010

Was it Amila Fonseka who dating with Derena Actress Nilushi Abeykoon??

24. Saurabh - May 21, 2011

@thilan & raniks- U can just sit on ur PC at ur home and talk bullshit about anyone….do u even know him…go get a life man and thilan in ur case get some rubber too.

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