Telling Mother About the Blog

So, I told my mother about the blog. I told her not because I really wanted to, but because it kind of just slipped out at a moment of weakness.

See, I wanted to tell her that I got invited to be a panelist at the Galle Literary Festival because I thought she would be happy about that, but obviously being a mum she was bound to ask why, and who, and when, and how, and what the hell were you thinking writing a post about orgies. So, I thought I wouldn’t.

But there I was, at my parents’ home for lunch on Sunday, watching a DVD as usual (this time it was 3:10 to Yuma) and my mum was as usual seated near me with the usual Sunday papers doing what she does usually when I am engrossed in a movie, which is talk at me. When I say my mum talks ‘at’ me, I really mean she talks ‘AT’ me. She talks at me no matter what I’m doing, about every single subject under the sun, whether I’m late for work and rushing to the car, or whether I’m reading a book, or whether Jack Bauer is just about to learn the key to everything, it doesn’t matter. This is fair enough nowadays, I guess, because I see her only on Sundays, and to be frank, watching a DVD during the few hours I spend at home is probably a bit cheeky on my part, as well.

So, she was talking at me and I glanced over at her to offer my half-hourly murmur to signify that I really did appreciate the nuances of the internal politics of her women’s charity club or some such thing, and I happened to notice an ad for the Galle Literary Festival and she asked about how she could buy tickets, so I then just blurted out without thinking that I was going to be a panelist at a discussion about blogging.

She was a little surprised at that. And she could see I was being hesitant about it, and perhaps she knew I was regretting telling her. So she didn’t ask too many questions. But then while I was finishing off the film, she had got online, found a program, checked on the panel discussion, and informed me that I was not on it. I checked it on her computer – I actually didn’t know what the topic was going to be until then (“Bloggers: Can they be taken seriously?”), and I said, that’s me, “Ravana”, I’m using a pseudonym. She didn’t seem surprised. So, now she’s going to come for the Galle Literary Festival and she’s probably going to be there at the discussion I’m at, and I won’t be able to talk that much about orgies anymore, without feeling like my mum is watching.


20 thoughts on “Telling Mother About the Blog

  1. You shouldn’t have told her Ravana. It was a big mistake. I’ve held off telling mine because it would mean that she’d read it. Then all hell would break loose.

    Maybe it would be ok if I told her I was VIC, then she’d be pleased when she finds out the truth.

  2. Wait, there’s a discussion about blogging?
    There are people who are actually on a panel to discuss or adjudicate if blogging can be taken seriously?
    If you’re being paid for this then that would be just precious.
    Honestly, is there some hidden time-mine in Colombo that you lot extract time from at will? If there was, then I am going to find the arsehole who kept this from me and wring his chicken neck.
    Bloody hell, I can barely find time to take a dump and people are on panels to discuss blogging?
    The ironing is delicious.
    Fair play to you though, and don’t spend all the money you get from it on Mendis.
    Oh, and don’t forget to tap some hawt, angst ridden, barely legal blogger with daddy issues while you’re at it. I will virtual 5 you and then we can discuss if taking advantage of angsty teenage girls can be taken seriously.
    But honestly, hats off to you man, I am truly jealous.

  3. Lol I got the invite but since I wouldn’t be in SL at the time, I had to pass. Hope you have fun at it despite not being able to discuss your orgies:P

    BTW do you have an email address at which I could contact you on? Your blog does not seem to display one. You can get in touch with me on mine if thats easier, thanks.

  4. Good to see bloggers getting some recognition…hopefully this is the beginning of information being truly ‘democratic’ in Sri Lanka. Interesting panel, whats Nazreen’s purpose?

  5. Curious Yellow – There won’t be any payment, unfortunately, except accomodation and maybe a pass. And, obviously, the angst ridden girls would be a bonus.

    Darwin – I’m definitely going to have fun at it, irrespective of the lack of orgy talk. I was there for all five days last year and I absolutely loved it. Interviewed Madhur Jaffry and Kiran Desai, among others, and hung out in all these fantastic boutique locations. It was superb!

    RD – I thought you HAD told your mum?

  6. Wasn’t it someone with a law degree who first said, “if there’s grass on the wicket, let’s play a little game I like to call hide the sausage?”

    By teenage, of course I mean 18. Undoubtedly.

  7. I completely undertstand this post.Both my parents know that I’ve a blog and I’ve hinted that I’m committed to corrupting innocent lives.However, they have no idea how to get there.Recently they caught hold of a few things I had written, mainly parts of my book, talking about Saddam, a pig fucker, and George Bush.My family disowned me for about three weeks after that.And took me back only after I swore I’m not Satan in disguise. True Story. 🙂

  8. so there having discussiong about blogging in Sri Lanka, that’s good. though, the topic “Can Bloggers be taken seriously?” sounds prejudice. Can “newpapers be taken seriously?” “can the president be taken seriously?” bit paranoid isn’t it?

  9. Interesting…I guess since my blog has always had my full name on it, more or less everyone knows about it.

    The one rule I had with my mother when she was reading (and commenting on) it was:

    “You’re free to read it, but you’re not allowed to ask me for any further details about the stories I tell on there!” 🙂

    It seems to work well, but then again, I don’t think I’ve every talked about orgies either… ha ha

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