2007 Was The Year That…

1. The LTTE appeared more vulnerable than ever before.

2. Sri Lanka experienced 22 per cent inflation

3. I moved out of my parents’ house, learnt the benefits of Wi-Fi, broadband, and king-sized spring mattresses.

4. I started playing squash and scrabble, and became a pretty decent poker player.

5. The LTTE carried out its inaugural air raid on Colombo while the nation watched its cricket team being defeated by Australia in a World Cup final.

6. I wasted a lot of time over a female of the species.

7. I realised it is time to quit my job and start doing what I really love.

8. I discovered that when you move out, your friends become like your family and then you start getting pissed off at them a lot, just like your family.

9. Mervyn Silva got his ass handed back to him on a platter by the Rupavahini staff

10. Sri Lankans were required to have a valid reason to be in Colombo.


7 thoughts on “2007 Was The Year That…

  1. Your Sister learnt the benefits of Wi-Fi, broadband, and king-sized spring mattresses 4 years before you did! Muhahahaha!!

  2. Ravana,
    Time spent on a female of the species is never time wasted.!!!

    Think young grasshopper, what did you LEARN from the incident ;)))

    Nice blog!!!

    Not much contact with you young guys and gals anymore, its good to see more people thinking for themselves!!!

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