Lets Hope Elizabeth Moir School Gets The Story Right

Ramayana Moir School Play Poster

So, a friend sent me this today. It turns out, the angels and demons of Elizabeth Moir School are going to trod the boards with their version of the Ramayana.

I sent my friend my version of the story with a note saying that I hope they get it right. My friend replied and said that they are going to depict the conflict between Rama and myself as a divide between the old and the modern. I have to say, I am pleased to be thought of as modern, but I guess it’s understandable that they think Ram is old fashioned. He doesn’t have a blog. And, he’d never say something like, “I am going to see the play fo sho“.

I really do hope they get the story right though. Some of the gossip I have overheard about me is just plain ludicrous. According to some, I forcibly kidnapped Sita and kept her captive in a cave. In a cave. That makes me sound like bloody Hannibal Lecter. If this play starts to go along those lines, I think I might just lose my cool enough to get up in the audience and set the story straight.

But then again, I gave up defending myself after the 20th Century. (That is B.C., by the way). I gave up because, the story just ain’t that easy to explain. You have to explain the whole background and stuff, and set up the characters, and then the backstory. Sometimes, you have to even introduce new concepts and words.

You try explaining to a bunch of school kids that the reason that they found her tied up was because she liked it better that way. The last time I tried to explain that, they thought she just liked munching M&Ms. Sigh…


10 thoughts on “Lets Hope Elizabeth Moir School Gets The Story Right

  1. maybe, as seems to be the case in modern times, the indian appendage isn’t as epic as it might be…….perhaps Sita engineered the entire thing in the name of comparative research…….?

  2. Its amazing that the Hindu fundamentalists haven’t come knocking yet πŸ˜‰

    I know this is not exactly on topic but I have to ask: do you still have their flying gadget thing with you?

    I don’t suppose post its registered with the civil aviation people πŸ˜‰

    Not that I’m NOT suggesting that you were responsible for all those Zlin false alarms a few months ago πŸ™‚

  3. LBW – yes there are. Look up Shiv Sena and Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

    Ravana – have you been suitably mollified yet after what I told you vis-a-vis the Sri Lankan Tamil opinion of you?

  4. this link was sent to me by an indian friend of mine!!!!!!!!!
    anyhow Hashir’s work has been always of a very high caliber!

  5. lol.. didnt know that i was that famous haha. thanks universe and Righz. funny thing is i dont know how the play was. never saw it coz had to go to the Chillies. however moir is known to modify plays and make it an original piece of work. most of the times these attempts do not reach up to standard.. at least not up to the standard of sri lankan theatre (which is pretty low when compared with the rest of the world). however a few productions by moir have been pretty noteworthy and of high standard.. higher than normal school production standards…

    and yeah hope they got the story right!

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