My Independence Day

Galle Flag Fying High Over the Ramparts During Independence Day

They go past,
Multi-barreled meat grinders,
Tin soldiers in perfect formation. Eyes Right.
I have paid for their protection, with my silence.
I will fear death no longer, 
nor claymore, nor unclaimed parcel,
no brainwashed soul willing to die to take my own worthless life.
I am safe.
I once loved my neighbour, 
My office-mate, the shopkeeper, the dark Salwar’d  lady at the bus-stop.
The mark on their forehead, a warning. 
Their furtive glance, intrigue.
They have no right to breath my air.
I will dance gladly to the music of those who rule over me,
for they are just, and their music tuneful,
the rhythms pistol whipped into my skull
by their children.
A table is prepared before me, I am no longer hungry
My cup runneth over.
I prosper,
for this morning, on the fourth of February,
when a golden Lion rises, I will turn my back.
I am Independent.
 by Rohan De Livera.
This is the first post by a guest author. The first of many, I hope, because after all,
 Ravana did have ten heads. Although I haven’t received many complaints about my head, if two heads are better than one, then ten must certainly be more satisfying than just my own.

My friend Rohan De Livera lives and works in Colombo where he helps to run a small family business. When he isn’t writing bad poetry or doing other stuff, he composes music, thinks about running marathons,  and contemplates his impending midlife crisis.
P.S. Incidentally, I sent Rohan a much cooler sounding description of himself, but he
preferred this version. 


5 thoughts on “My Independence Day

  1. Nice post Rohan. I find it strange that people celebrated anything here actually. It should be a day of shameful reflection for what this nation has come too in the course of 60 years.

    I would put forward that the people of Sri Lanka had far more autonomy, freedom of movement, dignity of life, hope for the future, a higher standard of living (barring international technological advancements, etc.) then they do now under their new colonial masters (i.e. US based Gotha and company).

    Feb. 4 was nothing more than a dog and pony show paid for by the blood of the innocent. But I do understand this, “appointed unto every man is a time to die and after that the Judgment”. We all stand before our Creator and He will surely bring everyone to account … Everyone.

    In the time we have here let’s be a part of the solution and not the problem.

    God Bless you my friend, I salute your courage 🙂

    ~ G

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