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Mingers April 27, 2008

Posted by ravana in Religion, Uncategorized.

It’s 4:30am and I can’t sleep. I did the usual things: got wiped out at an online poker game, tried installing Hellgate London, and checked my mail. There was one particular mail from a friend that came with just one line that read “This is cruel, but funny”, and a link. It was a link to a website called www.mingers.com.

A minger, in British slang, is someone who mings: an ugly person. When I clicked on the link and went to the website it was full of real life pictures of ugly people. There was a minging couples section, a readers’ contributions section, and even a minger of the week. This, incidently, is this week’s minger of the week:

My initial reaction was one of disdain at the cruel mind that had not only concocted this idea, but had gone to the trouble of executing it. This feeling quickly eroded when – trolling through the photographs – I started laughing at how fugly some of them were. I guess that’s one of the basest forms of humour. It possibly had something to do with a feeling of gratitude to god or nature or karma or my ancestors that I wasn’t this fucking ugly. My chances of passing on my genes (if you wish to look at it this way) were so much better than these poor non-threatening mingers with their fugly genes. The extent to which it was so, was ridiculous, even laughable. I felt better about myself, and I had the urge to mail the link to a friend of mine who worries about her weight, to make her feel better.

Through all this, I experienced a feeling of sympathy in the background.

And then a little later, the feeling changed again. When I was checking out the couples section, I felt something else. The thing is, all the couples looked happy. And not just camera happy. Like really happy. I’m not talking about posed smiley shots – everybody looks happy in those – but these minging couples looked unusually happy to me. Like they were meant to be together or something. Maybe, it was my sympathy kicking in, latching on to the dying remnants of a belief that the world is fair and that everything balances out in the end. Or, maybe, it’s easy to let your imagination take control when it’s 5:17am in the morning, there’s an April cuckoo threatening to start cooing outside, and you’ve had absolutely no sleep.

So, check it out and let me know whether I’m imagining this.

Also, before you go, let me leave you with another thought. Below is a picture I came across years ago. I want to know: why on earth would anyone want to do this to themselves?

I thought about this for awhile. And I think, someone would do this to themselves either because they became compulsively addicted to being pierced, or (and here’s the exciting bit) they felt they were ugly in the first place, and they wanted to be sure, and excel at it. You know when you think you have a talent in something and you hone your skill at it? Something like that. Maybe, being ugly was the only thing that set this guy apart from the herd. He felt he was ugly. And, he just wanted to be really sure. He wanted to be better at being ugly than anyone else.

Or, maybe, he wanted to find true love.


P.S. I’m going to go and try to sleep now. I feel kinda ugly for writing this. Goodnight.


1. Pink Mist - April 27, 2008

The people in the link aren’t that bad!! Well, some of them at any rate are normal-looking, just overweight which means they end up having no features really. As for that man in the pic, omg its going to give me nightmares! I’m suprised you got any sleep😀

2. gutterflower - April 28, 2008

True love, definitely. Its all over his face. I can just tell.

3. confab - April 28, 2008

trisha yearwood’s show on channel 5 in the UK is full of mingers..every morning of every week…what a sight…yuck…

re: pierce brossnan (ok bad joke), how do u reckon he goes through a metal detector? how does he have a shower? wht happens when he rusts? how does he shave? does he shave? does his dick have that many piercings too?

4. Tanya J. - April 28, 2008

I think it’s just a desperate bid for attention. Maybe he couldn’t get the girls to look at him and had to resort to this?!!!!

5. Darwin - April 29, 2008

Lol! I usually laugh at sites like that and don’t think too deeply about it because it makes me feel a bit guilty…Thanks for the link!

6. Java Junkie - April 29, 2008

I may be wrong – but I believe “pierce brosnan” is a woman… now there’s a scary thought…

7. hsaf - May 10, 2009


8. Mr. Barefield - February 1, 2010

This isnt funny. Its my mums buisness what she does to herself.

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