I came to you to hurt someone.

I came to you because I was pissed off.

I needed something to comfort me, someone to hold.

I needed someone to make her as mad

As she had made me.

I was angry.

I knew the way she felt about you.

She had never liked your kind,

Always insisting that we never

Shared your company,

To the point that she could hardly bear

To share drawing room or restaurant

With the allure of your wafting charm.

What better way to get to her,

Make her ill with worry,

Than to be seen holding you.

Like I said,

I needed to be comforted

and calmed,

And although I had never

Succumbed to your spell,

I saw your hex on lesser men:

an impulsive rush

a frozen calm

a withdrawing tease

and long degradation.

But, like I said, I was pissed off.

I cared less about the ever after.

I came to hurt someone

that night

at a student bar

at a university not far from Coventry

at the age of twenty one.

I’ve been smoking ever since.


5 thoughts on “Fag

  1. As much as I hate smoking because I think its plain stupid to kill your self like that, they way you string these words together mesmerized me!

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