False patriots are not going to like this.

There is a lot of B.S. about patriotism these days. I don’t mean that patriotism itself as a concept is bullshit. Neither, do I imply that we Sri Lankans should not be patriotic about our country. What I deride, however, is the sense of pride, identity and loyalty that many of our countrymen display exclusively towards their own ethnic or religious group. Again, these feelings on their own are hardly harmful, but when they masquerade as patriotism for country, it becomes downright destructive, not to mention a tad irritating (but then, I do tend to have little patience with the retarded).

Patriotism is not the same as the love of, and pride in, religion. It is certainly arguable that it can sometimes be interchanged with love of nation (nationalism), where a nation is a group of people with a defined cultural and social community, but this is not an understanding of patriotism that I like. Nevertheless, even if we do use this definition, to view current Sri Lanka in these terms would be to realise that an intense feeling of nationalism in the majority Sinhala Buddhist population is ridiculously counterproductive to its own political and military aim of keeping the country together. If you want an undivided country, you need nation-building, true. But you need to build an idea of nation that keeps all important groups defined within it, not locked out of it. Building an idea of nation in Sri Lanka that is exclusively Sinhala Buddhist is what the terrorists want. That’s why they are also called separatists. (It’s quite simple really, I don’t know why some people don’t get it. Oh yeah, of course, the retards – I keep forgetting).

The bird brain’s view of patriotism.

So, the billboards referring to Mahinda Rajapaksa as the next Dutugemunu did not help. Neither, did the independence day pennants along the roads which read (exlusively in Sinhalese) “Shakthimath nayakayek, shakthimath jathiyak, shakthimath ratak”, which translated means “A strong leader, a strong nation / ethnicity, a strong country.” I had an awkward time explaining this to a fellow Sri Lankan who happened to be Tamil. The word jathiya can be technically interpreted as nation or ethnicity, but if you ask a Sinhala man on the street what his jathiya is, he is likely to cite his ethnicity. This type of government communication is utterly counterproductive to building a common Sri Lankan identity, and it also follows that it is counterproductive to the purported political and military ideology of this government: that Sri Lanka is one nation, one country, and should not be divided.

Fortunately, however, love of a particular government is only required to be a patriot if the elected government is actually representing the best interests of the people it claims to represent. There are certain times at which goverments are tempted to tramp all over the interests of the people. And, really, you can argue about what constitutes country, but surely The People must be a large part of it? Much more so than the government? At least? Another thing that constitutes country, far more so in my opnion than a particular government controversially elected by a whisker, is the constitution. That is perhaps why it’s called the constitution. (Take note, retards).

And, sometimes, governments in their enthusiasm to keep the country together, or in their enthusiasm for for easy solutions, or their enthusiasm for utterly retarded courses of action, decide to act against the constitution. Most often these instances probably go unnoticed. However, when these instances are open for everyone to see, there is a burden on every citizen to stand against such violations, because the constitution must, at the very least, seem to be obeyed. Upholding the chief instrument that defines one’s country – the constitution – is required of every true patriot. If a part of the constitution becomes outdated or irrelevant, it can be changed, constitutionally.

However, not everyone in our country agreed with this when, last year, the government tried to evict over three hundred Sri Lankans from Colombo and send them away forcibly back to their “homes”. It was huge blunder on the part of the government, apart from being legally and morally reprehensible. Yet, a few seemingly intelligent beings capable of putting pen to paper, not to mention fingertip to typepad, appeared utterly distraught at the outcry of civil society. And the worst part of it was that they claimed to be patriots.

Hogwash. They wouldn’t know true love of country if it rogered them up the ass.

P.S. By the way, the Supreme Court gave it’s ruling a few hours ago that the evictions last year were against many articles of the constitution. You can read CPA’s press release below. My congratulations to them, the true patriots, in this instance.



31 thoughts on “False patriots are not going to like this.

  1. You’re of course missing a really important point here. A Question we must ask about when discussing “Sri Lankan” Patriotism is do Sri Lankan Tamils Feel Patriotic?

    We all know every Tamil is not a terrorist. But most Tamils want a separate land independent of Sri Lanka (ie. Eelam) in what ever form. I don’t think any Tamil in Sri Lanka would say that they are patriotic towards Sri Lanka. It may be the making of the majority it may be the “colonial hangover” but the end result is that at the end of the day it’s always going to be Sinhalese who are going to be patriotic. (and the Muslims will be here like they were here all over the time..supporting who ever winning..lol)

    Since when did a migrant community has ever being “patriotic” to the host nation?

    So Why go after this false notation of “Sri Lanka” as a whole crap? It’s always going to be the majority who are going to be patriotic. So why cant they show their patriotism in their own language? Why do we (the Sinhalese) have to worry about Tamils being patriotic? Who cares. If you’re patriotic SHOW IT THE WAY U WANT

    Didnt the SC give the same ruling last year when the evictions did take place?
    Talk about Anti National Forces.

  2. ““Shakthimath nayakayek, shakthimath jathiyak, shakthimath ratak”, which translated means “A strong leader, a strong nation / ethnicity, a strong country.” I had an awkward time explaining this to a fellow Sri Lankan who happened to be Tamil.”

    Ha. Well try explaining it to a German — “Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer”.

  3. Comment #1:
    ‘Since when did a migrant community has ever being “patriotic” to the host nation?’

    Doesn’t that encapsulate the whole problem about patriotism and ‘nation’? If one considers Sri Lanka a nation-state, then that nation-state is predominately adherent to the Sinhala Buddhist people (“host nation”). The Tamils (“migrant community”), a majority or minority of whom – I’m not entirely sure – identify with a separate ‘nation’, i.e. a Tamil nation. Hence, nation-building in the Sri Lankan perspective entails building the Sinhala nation and the Tamil nation and therefore ‘patriotism’ reflects that too.

    I’m obviously being flippant but in essence, our present government has equated patriotism with the notion of Sinhala Buddist nation, hence the Duttugemunu linkage and the slogan you and David quote.
    “A strong leader, a strong nation/ethnicity, a strong country” describes all you need to know about today’s SL. Of course, the LTTE follow the same principle.

  4. No, Acromantula, YOU are missing the point, and by a mile too. The Tamils (who are not a migrant community anymore than the Sinhalese are a migrant community) have found that British Raj has been replaced by a Sinhalese Raj. The question is not whether Sri Lankan Tamils feel patriotic or not, but WHY they do or do not. I have Tamil friends who love this country as much as anybody, they just don’t like the present government and the way their community is being treated, and what successive governments in the past have done to erode their language rights, for example, not to mention the government sponsored travesty that was 1983. If we keep telling them that the country belongs to the Sinhalese Buddhists who are only 70% of the population, naturally other communities will seek greater autonomy.

    Where did you get this migrant B.S.? The Hindu culture has been present in Sri Lanka for longer than Buddhism. Places ike Kataragama and Ella Ravana Cave Dewale outdate any Buddhist place of worship in Sri Lanka. And, it is very probable that Dravidians occupied Sri Lanka before the Sinhalese.

  5. Considering that Tamils already have a nation (called Tamil Nadu) I dont see why the Sinhalese shouldnt consider Sri Lanka as the Sinhala Nation. It was The Brits who brought so many Tamils to Sri Lanka and created this myth about Tamil homeland.

    Also does other migrant communities in the world ask for a separate land for them self from the host nation? So there’s no really a point about the “Tamil” Nation in Sri Lanka is there?

    I agree on one thing. The govt. is bent on destroying the LTTE. and thus the entire Tamil separatism concept. But think about this. Since Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka is a flawed myth generated by a few to create diversion I dont see why it sholdn’t be defeated.

    Also Tamils can either think they belong to Sri Lanka (or the Sinhalese Nation w/e the way u want to look at it) and consider them selfs a part of it or think They come from Tamil Nadu and hv their aligance there. Come to think about it tht’s what any migrant does when in a foreign country.

    Why should be want to destroy the Sinhalese nation just to make some migrants feel at home? What other ethnic community has EVER DONE THAT?
    If Tamils dont like the country they chose to live in tough luck tht’s the curse of a migrant dosnt it. But it’s not the fault of the Majority.

  6. Ravana how do u say that Hindu Culture has being present in SL longer than Buddhism.

    Before Lord Buddha’s time the SL ppl (Vaddha’s) were Pagans. (according to Mahavansa tht is) Sadly Katharagama was not founded as a place of Hindu worship. I dont remember the gods name but I do remember he was a real person b4 being made a god and was “promoted” by the local pagens. Then the Tamils came and converted him… (I frankly dont know about the Ravana Devalea)

    Hinduism as a religion came after Buddhism (I think some 4-5 centruies later) B4 Buddhism the religion in India was the “Veda”s. There r absolutely no record of Hinduism in Sri Lanka b4 Buddhism.

    Sri Lankan Tamils did not feel patriotism even during colonail times. It was they who opposed Universal Frenshise (GG Ponnambalam in 1930 or something)..
    The real question is Why should we expect Tamils to show patrotism NOW have they EVER?

  7. On the subject of India, Buddhism originated in India and to my knowledge Buddhism operates within the Hindu pantheon. It is actually an offshoot of Hunduism.

    All the Buddha did was try to show a path through which the eternal cycle of death and rebirth could be avoided by achieving Nirvana.

    The Buddha’s doctrine was kept in the custody of the warrant gods: I think they are Vishnu, Saman, Vibhisana and Natha.

    The SInghalese originated in India, as much as the Tamils. The only true natives of the country are the Veddha’s, everybody else was an immigrant.

    There has been much intermingling between the races anyway and there is no real difference.

  8. Acromantula,

    I am surprised at your blatant ignorance of Sri Lankan history. You ask, “how do u say that Hindu Culture has being present in SL longer than Buddhism”. What is most irritating is that your false patriotism seems to rest on your false ideas of our own history.

    I rely on other sources than just my OL government printed textbook. 🙂 and what I hear from my local priest. You have to understand that sources like these have their biases. Of course, almost every source would have its own viewpoint, but some are worse than others. Even the Mahavamsa is written solely from the viewpoint of the Mahavihara monks. So any king who did good things for the Mahaviharaya was a great king, and the others were not, to put it bluntly.

    Here are some quotes from alternative sources:

    Hindu beliefs and customs were known to the Sri Lankan people from the beginning of the country’s history.


    Further, Prof. Ellawala concluding his study of religious practices in early Sri Lanka, made a series of relevant observations, “It becomes clear,” he said, “that the majority of the civilized people in pre-Buddhist Ceylon were followers of Hinduism in one form or another”.


    Also, many communities that now consider themselves Sinhalese, like the Karave, Dorave and Salagama castes migrated to Sri Lanka relatively recently, according to Dr. Michael Roberts in “Caste Conflict and Elite Formation: The Rise of a Karava Elite in Sri Lanka, 1500-1931”

    So, where does that leave your migrants argument?

  9. Jack point I’ll hv to disagree.

    Before Buddha’s time the main religon in India was the Vedic Religon. Hindusim is some thing which is based on Vedic religon but something very much different from it. Buddhism realtes to the old Vedic religon but not the classical Hindu religon.

    Sinhalese being originated in India is a big fat lie which Mahavansa wants us to believe. (All tht crap about coming from a lion and all)… The migrants from Northern India did bring irrigation and technology and all that.. but it was the natives who built the Sinhalese Nation.. because they built a distinctive culture (ie. a Nation) Sri Lanka is the homeland of the Sinhalese and belongs to them

  10. “Hinduism as a religion came after Buddhism (I think some 4-5 centuries later) B4 Buddhism the religion in India was the “Veda”s.”

    Are you serious? Surely you know how to use Google…
    Most early 20th-century historians date Lord Buddha’s lifetime from circa 563 BC to 483BC whereas Hinduism which has it’s roots in the Vedic civilization and go as far back as 700 to 600BC… it’s not really up for argument as to which came first.

    Additionally I think you have misunderstood Ravana’s post, I have to agree that the concept of what it means to be a ‘Sri Lankan patriot’ has been grossly distorted by including one’s ethnicity as a pre-requisite. Sadly this could not be further from the truth, Ones’ ethnicity has very little bearing on one’s pride in one’s country. Hell, an immigrant to any country can have as much patriotism as anyone born in that country. The length of time one or one’s family have lived anywhere does not make them more patriotic than someone who has lived there for less time.

    And what do you mean by saying Tamil’s are a migrant population… hate to burst you bubble but the Sinhalese didn’t just crawl out of the mud and evolve in SL (although that would explain a few things)… they too are migrant population, as is the case with all Island populations.

    The sad things is that you believe that being part of the majority somehow gives you the right to brand Sri Lanka as a ‘Sinhala Nation’ is what is keeping us in this mess. Well here’s a little news flash for you, given current birth and death rates of the four main religious groups (as per the 2001 census), Buddhism will cease to be the overwhelming majority by 2040-2045 (the other three will have a combined percentage of over 50%) and Islam will be the religion of the majority by 2060-2065 so basically by your rationale Sri Lanka will be an ‘Islamic nation’ in our lifetime… I’d start measuring up for a nice Burkah if I were you.

  11. “but it was the natives who built the Sinhalese Nation…”

    You can say it all you want but the ‘natives’ were originally from India… deal with it. Next thing you know you’ll be trying to argue that Lord Buddha was actually Sri Lankan.

    Face it Acromantula for all your bleating, Sri Lanka is not and has never been a purely ‘SInhala Nation’, we have had Sinhala kings, Tamil kings and even Muslim Kings in this country and trying to claim some sort of ownership to this country is futile at best as these things tend to be transitory in the long run.

    “because they built a distinctive culture (ie. a Nation) Sri Lanka is the homeland of the Sinhalese and belongs to them”

    Pray tell us what this ‘distinctive culture’ is? Our collective, national culture has been built on the backs of many, including foreign traders, invaders and is a melting pot of different races. As an Island nation we have been exposed to and have inculcated a stunning variety of cultures, which has only been to our long term benefit. Of course there are unique aspects but you can also find similarities in other Island nations as well. Our traditions are a mix of home grown and imported customs and this is what makes our country so great…

    Unless of course you are referring to the 6 am bana as being our culture to which I would argue that there is less culture in that than highland yoghurt

  12. The Singhalese langauge is based on Pali and other Indian languages.

    A lot of the stone inscriptions in Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa are written in Tamil script. Even one of the Mudaliyars who signed the Kandyan convention did so in Tamil script.

    The practise of kings bringing brides from India was also widespread.

    The Indian influence as a whole is widespread. Singhalese is not spoken in India but if one looks at the wider picture there are 18 official languages and by some estimates perhaps as much as a 100 other languages spoken there. Some of these are spoken in very small groups : For example Sadri (2m speakers) to very small groups like Aimol (some 2600 speakers as per the census)

    For one more language like Singalese to appear in the Subcontinent boasting a 100 other languages or so is not unusual.

    Kerala culture is very similar to Sri Lanka and may be the origin of a lot of the people living here.

  13. You can talk sense and you can talk sense and you can keep talking some more sense. But the retards aren’t going to understand man! Too bad. Maybe we should do a little drawing, make it a little easier for them to understand?

  14. It appears that the so called ‘patriots’ that crawl out of the woodwork to call anyone who questions the decisions of the government or disagrees with them ‘traitors’, are the chauvinist racists who really know nothing of what ‘patriotism’ really means. If they did, they would be up in arms over the trampling of the constitution, as well the blatant nepotism, corruption and other shite that’s happening all around us. Maybe they think Vermin is a patriot too, and that is why the rule of law doesn’t seem to apply to him.

    I have more thoughts on the subject at http://javajones.wordpress.com/2006/11/04/42/

  15. Look Ravana, you’re a Sinhala Christian, so of course you’ll take whatever opportunity you get to bash Sinhala Buddhists. It’s what some of you guys do day in day out (besides trying to convert anything that breathes). But don’t even pretend for a moment that there are no nationalistic Sinhala Christians. There are Sinhala Christian army generals, soldiers and hardcore Sinhalese nationalists (eg SL Gunasekara). The areas where the worst anti-Tamil violence took place in 1982 where in areas where Sinhalese Christians predominated. So please get off your fucking high horse. You guys are like 4% of the Sinhalese population and about 5% of the Sri Lankan population and obsessed with pretending to be the innocent little angels in the conflict. Thankfully not all Sinhala Christians are utter fuckwits like you.

  16. Sammy,

    Where have I bashed Sinhala Buddhists? My mother is a Buddhist, I’ll have you know.

    Attack the argument. If you can’t attack the argument, attack the man. It’s obvious you’re doing the latter.

  17. Oh gee, ravana, I wonder where you’ve bashed Sinhala Buddhists. LOL. Have a look at this blog of yours. Typical rabid Sinhala Christian you are, but I don’t blame you, the Bible does teach you to hate others afterall. Let’s see ONE post by you that critiques Sinhala Christians. Have any? And your amma is a Buddhist is she? Is that supposed to be the crutch you lean on when people point out your bias?

    “an intense feeling of nationalism in the majority Sinhala Buddhist population is ridiculously counterproductive to its own political and military aim of keeping the country together.”

    And I guess that there is not ‘intense feeling of nationalism’ among the Sinhala Christians? Please bitch, like I mentioned you fags are as nationalistic as the Sinhala Buddhists. The only reason you placed in the Buddhist tag there was so you can excuse the Sinhala Christians.

    Folks like you love pretending to be the little angels in the conflict, caught in the middle of some supposed Buddhist – Hindu conflict. It’s fucking lame.

  18. Anyone who supports a corrupt government is not a patriot. A true patriot wants to rid his country of corruption and have a government that supports the people.

    I am no patriot by todays definition, because I call the “Patriot act” un-patriotic.

    This is a sad time for the US and the blind mice that follow the terrorist in the white house.

  19. Sammy, you’re still not making a good argument. You’re inferring a lot of stuff from what I’ve written. You’re attacking some stereotype you’ve conjured in your head.

    I’m well aware that there are very nationalistic Sinhala Christians. However, I think they tend to be the exception rather than the rule. Even the most notable example you cited, S.L. Gunasekara, was mediocre in his racial sentiments compared with present JHU. I think along with Buddhist co-founders such as Malinga Gunaratne, he would view himself more as a Sri Lankan patriot than a Sinhala Nationalist. (Remember, he left the party as Tilak K was taking the Sihala Urumaya down a racist path of no return).

    However, I do believe that Catholics are, in general, not as insulated from the Tamil community as Buddhists are. They share the same religion with some Tamils, they meet together as one community in church, they go to the same schools, they interact more and therefore they are not nationalistic about their ethnicity. Their identity as a Christian is separate from the identity as a Sinhalese. In the case of the Buddhist Sinhalese, this is not the case. Their identity as a nation is strengthened in temples and in schools such as Ananda, Nalanda, and Visakha where there is no interaction at all with the Tamil community.

  20. Acromantula,

    “We all know every Tamil is not a terrorist. But most Tamils want a separate land independent of Sri Lanka (ie. Eelam) in what ever form. I don’t think any Tamil in Sri Lanka would say that they are patriotic towards Sri Lanka”

    I am Patriotic, I am SriLankan, I am Tamil, and I am not the only SriLankan Tamil who is patriotic. Patriotic towards SriLanka??? Towards what else are we supposed to show our patriotism???
    Another of your comments clearly shows how confused you are.
    “Considering that Tamils already have a nation (called Tamil Nadu) I dont see why the Sinhalese shouldnt consider Sri Lanka as the Sinhala Nation.”

    ohhhh common!!!!! I have heard this from many Indians, but u r the first SriLankan I’m encountering with such an idea.
    Many Indians believe every single person on earth who is Hindu, who is Tamil has to be Indian. Some even believe that Jaffna is the 29th state of India. Forget about them…..healing them will cost us bombs, wonder if it is possible at all.
    But, what do we do with the SriLankans who confuse their heads with the simple issue of a state of the neighboring nation being ‘called’ Tamil naadu (by the way, it is not actually a ‘naadu’-nation literally, practically, politically, whatever-lly)???? Heal them of kneel them?

  21. This guy is another colpity looser like ranil. Shame he uses a name of a great king “Rawana” to promote tamil idelogy.
    Many Brahmi inscriptions found in Sri Lanka says ‘so and so presented this cave etc to maha sangha’. Ex – “Under the order of His Eminence Ravana the son of His Eminence Visharava this boundary is marked and the lake is presented to the Sngha”.

  22. Sorry, I didn’t have time to read the whole thing, but I remember learning in grade 6 or something that “jaathiya” means the nation and that correct term for ethnicity is “jana wargaya”. Of course the average Si Lankan does not know this!

    Thought I should contribute.

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