When a bomb explodes

Navin: mara drama

me: what’s the scene?
army headquarters?
Navin: bomb at the checkpoint near the hilton
me: oh fuck
Navin: i sent you a txt did you get
me: nope
12:39 PM yeah
Navin: abu txted he is ok
me: What about the others?
12:40 PM Navin: nicole is online
she says everyone she knows is ok
and shanaka online saying same thing
12:41 PM nicole says she was there 5 mins before
me: big bomb?
Navin: we heard the noise and saw the smoke
all the way here at office
so significant
12:42 PM me: ti’s big then
how much of smoke?
Navin: nicole says they were targetting army bus
quite a bit
we saw from across the river
me: ok
12:43 PM Navin: first bomb in while no?
me: yeah
12:44 PM won’t be the last
I hope everyone’s ok
I’m gonna call my dad
12:46 PM Navin: machan
i actually had a dream about your dad last night
12:47 PM something about xxxxx connected

8 minutes
12:55 PM Navin: called your dad?
me: yeah.
he’s alive
12:56 PM Navin: bit scary
lots of our peeps in that area
me: Yeah man.
Not to mention the whole Mackinnons crowd
all the banks
12:57 PM 90 people have been admitted to the Nationa Hospital
Navin: ugh
me: calling nat
12:58 PM she must be i the midle of it
she’s just left

5 minutes
1:04 PM Navin: 90 people

5 minutes
1:10 PM me: Got a news alert saing 7 dead and over ninety injured
seven ain’t too bad
Navin: yep i got too
there will be more tho
me: Yeah for shzzle
Navin: pretty much rush hout no 12 noon?
1:11 PM me: Well, just befre rush hours
is it clear whether they were targetting an army bus or not?
Navin: apparently police riot but
ugh *bus
1:12 PM me: but if it was exploded near the checkpoint then it could have been targetting that as well, in which case somebody must have been watching before detonation
It wasn’t a Claymore?
1:13 PM Navin: no details yet
are they saying it wasnt?
me: No idea
I’m just speculating
Navin: hmm
1:14 PM if it exploded near checkpoint i would assume they were trying for a bigger target than a police bus

9 thoughts on “When a bomb explodes

  1. I am based at WTC East Tower. The explosion rattled a the windows and, for a couple of seconds, we thought something had crashed into the West Tower.

    Scary shit.

  2. Was about 5 mins away when the shit went off. Had an exam to get to and fucking traffic… well you know..! But the situ was well handled, and traffic diverted away and area cordoned off… guess its all the practice we’ve gotten in recent times…

  3. Whenever a bomb explodes, we fear a genocide… I’m not pointing finger on anyone but It’s how we feel.. Today there was another in Moratuwa and my sister’s boss (who’s a Sinhalese) advised her to rmove the ‘pottu’…
    hmmm… I don’t know which is the ‘politically correct’ position to be in these circumstances.. I identify with those who’ve been victimized by the brutal violence both by Gangment and LTTE

    btw, You’re tagged:

  4. I feel sorry for the civilians.. but Urchin.. where is the brutal violence of the government that you speak of? The government is violent yes when it comes to the media and political dissidents and destructive when it comes to civil liberties and economics

    But it is impossible to equate the blood thirstiness of the LTTE and the counter terrorism initiatives of a democratic government…

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