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Auntie Netta Telling Naughty Stories September 8, 2008

Posted by ravana in Uncategorized.

Here’s something Nimmi Harasgama had done, and left all over the house, and not cleaned up also, aney.


Correc, correc, correc – eka thamai – it’s a dirty video.

So, apparently, some people are experiencing problems with the video embed. The original video can be seen on youtube here.


1. Me - September 8, 2008

this video is no longer available?

2. nifraz - September 8, 2008

very funny

3. Ns'friend - September 8, 2008

God, That was terrible. The best thing thing about it is the related video list. “LTTE fighting in the jungles” and lesbian porn. Very fitting indeed.

4. Me - September 8, 2008

sorry, it works on youtube. Awesome stuff.

5. dd - September 8, 2008

The code has been removed on You Tube. The embed code for this clip is on;

You can also vote for the clip after. Don’t miss it!:)

6. dd - September 8, 2008

Oh and don’t miss this one, I cracked up.


7. dd - September 8, 2008

Nimmi with her mother!

8. serviceunavailable - September 9, 2008

superbbbbbbbbbbbbbb! ha ha ha!

9. Ash - September 10, 2008

haha this woman is hillarious!

10. Gallicissa - October 31, 2008


11. thelostpuppet - March 10, 2009

haha dude super stuff!!

12. Gayan - September 11, 2010

this is nimmi harasgama and she is wearing a fake wig.

13. Franka - April 11, 2011

It is a silly show.. too over the top..

14. Sitharie - April 27, 2011

Why is Nimmi given any air time on local media? fun or not, she’s a traitor. This woman should not be in Sri Lanka. and what odacity for her to ridicule her countrymen – oops ! i forgot for once that we were talking about NH ! she doesn’t care about Sri lanka as long as it’s not with LTTE !

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