Sri Lankan Rapper DeLon’s Reply to M.I.A.

This reminds me of the female rapper a few years ago who parodied Slim Shady’s song with the lyrics, ‘Will the real Slim Shady please shut up, please shut up, please shut up.’ She was made famous by Christina and Britney who wanted to get back at Eminem for dissing them, and helped her along. Unfortunately, in this case, it is unlikely that DeLon’s reply will be helped along out of its Sri Lankan home because… well, M.I.A herself is probably the most famous Sri Lankan out there at the moment.  He’s got about 10,000 hits on youtube, and she’s got about 8 million.

Good effort with the video though. I like the use of visual elements. The severed head of the suicide bomber was a tasteful touch.

Equating M.I.A. with the LTTE is propaganda of the same breed as M.I.A’s own. This video was begging to be made though, and is a strong reply. It highlights the hypocrisy of M.I.A. How can you complain about people equating Tigers with Tamil civilians, and still proceed to display images of Tigers all over your advertising and music videos?

The irony of this whole thing is that MIA gets more publicity because of all this fervour, and so does DeLon. It’s a symbiotic relationship. A shark and a remora. No prizes for guessing who is which.

Incidentally, if you have not thus far basked in the glory of the godsend that is DeLon, you simply must visit his website.

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23 thoughts on “Sri Lankan Rapper DeLon’s Reply to M.I.A.

  1. I quite like her catchy beets and I admire her courage to perform at Grammy in her due date. It takes an Asian woman to pull such a stunt. I even don’t have any issue her supporting LTTE or whatever the organization she wishes to support. But what is most irritating about it is her manipulation. Talk about problems Tamil people have, we will be there with her too, because we face exactly the same issues too. But she talk like we Sri Lankans wake up every morning, go around killing Tamil people before start rest of our day that we spend beating Tamil people up. But be fair to her, she have not visited Sri Lanka since puberty and I’m willing to forgive her for her ignorance about this whole matter. But what I’m not willing to forgive her is the lost of opportunity. She is in such a position to build a bridge when it is most needed. But she chooses to play west side east side about the whole thing.

  2. Good comment Sam. We’re all in the same messed up boat here. She does have an opportunity to bring people together, but she’s not taking it. That really sucks

  3. i agree with Sam
    She uses the War situation and “my people are dying thats why im singing” to buy pity, which i find is really sad.

    Lol Delon.

    “my name is delon
    Im from Ceylon
    i wear nylon”

  4. Man you make me happy, I was dyng to read the word “Sri Lankan” since everyone stated to beat MIA and lost opportunities. I see Sinhalese and Tamil in many a posts and your post is a read for sore brains! THX. Yes MIA missed the opportunity. Yes Delon has less hits but he was dissed by Youtube many a times, when he started his crusade with paper planes about half an year ago due to MIA’s record company complaints. So the original he uploaded would had more hits if it was let be.
    I think both have their own agendas and like Bush did, both think that they are doing the best.(I am thinking the same while writing this as well) But collectively we should think of Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans. Think of all those victims, bombs do not separate victims by race age or religion. Therefore let us not let the peace do that either. Unless we are able to see eye to eye and see a reflection of self, these wars and killing will never end.

  5. This delon individual is the most stupidest rapper and he aint going no where. M.I.A. is speaking from the heart and she’s telling the full truth. This idiot is blaming everything on the LTTE, do you have any idea what the fuck is going on in Sri Lanka??? Tamil poeple are being killed, raped, discriminated, and kidnapped. I have family there and they tell me all sorts of things the Sri Lankan Government is doing and every tamil in Sri Lanka knows that and even sinhalese poeple know that there. The ones that try to speak up, they get killed. Everything unethical the Sri Lankan Government is doing they blame the LTTE for. They only get away because the media is concentrated by the Sri Lankan Government so everything they say is ALL BIAS (the Sri Lankan Government’s side). There’s soo much proof and evidence of what’s going on. The only reason the LTTE was created was to have their own seperate state because of discrimination and equality rights. So before anyone talks shit get your facts straight. I wish all tamils and sinhalese and muslims could live peacefully in Sri Lanka. That would only happen if the Sri lankan Government is stopped and also if the LTTE stops its actions. I’m not saying that the LTTE is completely doing ethical acts, they have done some unethical things like have child soldiers but they only need recruitments. If your facing an army the size 70,000 sl soldiers, of course your going to need more soldiers to match them, but even the soldiers they recruited is nothing compared to 70,000 i think they only have 1/7 of the SL army population. Delon is seriously an idiot, he has no idea what he’s saying. He’s probably brainwashed by his government or he wants publicity or probably both. I’m just saying the SL government is responsible for the unfortunate disaster that’s happening in Sri Lanka.

    Some recent proof by a Australian Aid Worker who went to Sri Lanka and witnessed the truth behind the Sri Lankan Government.

  6. I think Delon was true to his heart and did what he had to do.
    I’m proud of MIA because she’s Sri Lankan and her music’s not too bad but then on the other hand her arrogance makes her less attractive and it’s sad when Music and Politics are mixed. Terrorists are terrorists, just as MIA is MIA. MIA lives out there and then speaks of the attrocities that occur herein Sri Lanka. That;s sad. That’s – hypocritical.

  7. Delon Is a really good rapper. this dude is from LA but he stays connected with his Sri Lankan people and even puts out a grip of money to help out over there and those in need. I respect him as a rapper because he’s about something, unlike MIA who’s just trying to make that money, and throw a little cash over to the LTTE. She cant deny her Familial connection to the LTTE and she knows damn well once your in, you dont get out. MIA supports them financially, no joke. He actions, and statements and lyrics is all the evidence you need to prove so. She makes the most ignorant comments thinking she’s down playing the truth about her, and now peeps like Delon and even the prime minister are correcting her ass in the media, the truth is slowly leaking out. hand clap to those who are putting her on blast. I dont think their trying to be malicous towards her, they just want her to own up to what she says and admit she’s wrong for spreading lies and making false statements. Delon has some new video coming out called “When Music and War Collide”. he’s out on the front lines of Sri Lanka showing whats really going on over their. Its dope that he’s actually a rapper of substance unlike MIA. If one of them deserves to be in the forefront it should be Delon getting not MIA. He is the true voice of the people.

  8. I think Delon is just a horribel person.
    More Tamils have been killed in this war, and M.i.a is just trying to point this out.
    She uses reference to Tamil Ealeam stupid Delon because her father was in it.
    If you had seen any of her interviews, you would know she does not support terrorism.

    P.S I bet you those pictures you showed lousy Delon was from all the dead Tamils the SRI LANKAN ARMY KILLED!

  9. I don’t see why people have this simplistic view that if you’re anti_tigers that means you’re pro-Sri Lankan government. The Tigers are brutal with thousands and thousand of deaths on their hands. Including wiping out entire Muslim and Buddhist villages that weren’t even involved in the conflict. Second, to Jeff Bhola, the Tigers assassinate and slaughter Tamil opposition. Moderate elements have been murdered, those who wanted to negotiate with SL were slaughtered. The SL gov’t isn’t clean but that doesn’t mean the Tigers are.

  10. Personally I want peace and equality in srilanka but I dont blame tamils or MIA for supporting the LTTE.

    I mean they seem to be the only ones fighting for the freedom of tamils and having seen their friends and family being raped, tortured and murdered by the army why wouldnt anyone who is tamil support the other side? who have not committed in such disgusting behaviour towards sinhalese men and women.

    Could you completley say the LTTE were brainwashing people into joining their group? Say if you had seen these awful things happen to your parents, brothers and sisters would you not maybe willingly join whatever group that fights backs against the murderers of your family!

    As to MIA i think she is trying to make a statement that being tamil doesnt mean that you are a supporter of tamil tigers but at the same time it doesnt deny the fact that you still want a better quality of life for the tamil people back in srilanka.
    Music is not politics, however if MIA is able to raise some awareness through her music why not let her do it! She is not harming anyone! at the end of the day its her beliefs portrayed in her music and if you dont like it dont listen to it!

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