Reconciliation, Facebook style.

This is a post titled “Make your choice, fellow tamilians”  by Megan Dhakshini Shatrughan. It was shared on a friend’s Facebook wall, and at last count 107 people had “liked” it. It has attracted over a hundred mostly positive comments from Sri Lankans of all major ethnicities. It is one of the few examples, if not the only example, I have seen recently of Sri Lankan ethnicities coming together. This situation we are going through seems to have polarised almost everyone, with even the usual moderates more militant and angry than before. In the midst of this, this post made me feel a little better. We need more of the same, from all sides.
I don’t know how much a truth and reconciliation initiative along the South African model would fit the culture in Sri Lanka, but we certainly need more positive expression of feelings and ideas about what is going on at the moment. Even if it is angry, it needs to come out, as long as it is constructive. The “oh-look-how-shit-everything-is-now-that-the-war-is-over” school really doesn’t help at all. At the very least, try and make it “this-is-shit-this-is-how-to-fix-it”.
“Make your choice, fellow tamilians”
29 May 2009 at 18:20

So, Im a Tamil.and proud of it. Proud of my culture, proud of my language, proud of the achievements of many of my fellow tamilians all over the world. Born here, right here in sunny Sri lanka. And Ive finally decided to say something. I know Im going to ruffle a lot more than a few feathers here- possibly even have a few people get themselves off my facebook friends list , but then, I’ve gotten sick and tired of all the chitter-chatter around me these past two weeks, So I shall say what I have to.

Firstly, I know that Im just tired. Tired of the racism, tired of being generalized, labelled, looked down at, tired of the frikin war and everything that happened because of it. Im sure, as a tamil, you are too.
Second, I’m not too jubilant and dancing on the street now that the war is over. there was too much of a price to pay to get what is today labelled as peace. and I will not dance till it really happens. we all “know” too much about the politics. So I won’t need to say much.

But, here’s where the feathers get ruffled. Im happy too. Im happy that the war is “over”. Happy that He is dead ( oh yes, I said it). happy that maybe, just maybe, if the politicos and powers that be play thier cards right, this country- my country- can actually go somewhere. Develop. be a happy place. Maybe.
But just when I start looking at the positive side of things, I realised that suddenly the racism has actually increased. I realised that I had to keep voicing my usually quite thoughts just so that I wont be labelled anymore. and unfortunately, my dear fellow tamilians, its because of some of you.
I’ve been repeatedly accused of “not knowing the real story” whenever I voice my absolute disgust at the terrorist organisation that has plagued my race, and at the man some of you celebrate as a hero. and you know what? I don’t care what the “real story” is anymore. I am NOT and will NOT allow anyone to label me anymore. To the dear people who are publicly becoming “fans” of Mr.Velupillai Prabaharan, to those of you who are “fighting” for eelam because you don’t want to leave your western comforts, to those of you who say its not over till all of us are killed ( Im sorry, please speak for yourself), to those of you who still beleive the LTTE fought for your rights and nothing else, to those of you who say it is only because of HIM that we can walk the streets today because he has given us a voice ( sorry- he has only made the others so scared to approach a tamil just in case he/she blew themselves up, so he has not given us a voice, he’s just made the world frightened of tamils), to all those who after all this are still making me feel GUILTY to be a tamil, this is a plea to you to please STOP.

STOP, and START trying to make a difference for a change. Turn your patriotic songs of praise for the LTTE into some positive songs about rebuilding our fallen nation.
NO, Im not asking you to help the other terrorists, our dear government who are guilty of many many crimes, but Im asking you to help yourselves. If you live abroad, use your dollars and pounds to fund development for your people here, rather than contribute it towards arms to kill someone. If you live here, then try spreading some positivity rather than telling the whole world that the tamils can’t live in peace and still want a frikkin separate state.

THIS is our country. THIS is a country that many years ago was ahead of even singapore. WHEN will we get there? When we can do things together. please knock that into your deranged brainwashed heads. PLEASE, let this , OUR country get some real happiness. Its about time.

If you think that by saying all this I’m not a real tamil, please think again. I want our race to get somewhere, but not by trampling the others down. I know we don’t have the rights of our fellow sinhalese here, but we will never get them by killing them. ever. we have to work with them. hey, be selfish for a change and do something positive so that YOU can benefit from peace and prosperity. at least think of it that way.
Im doing my part by helping the IDP’s in whatever way I can, but I will not let myself be labelled anymore.
to all of you who were afraid of saying things to me, or when I was around because I am a tamil and you thought I shared the view of the “diaspora” supporters, now you know. I don’t blame you for generalising. its the fault of my people. but you know very well that its not thiers alone.
I can’t write kavithais , but when I listen to this song, it still gives me goosebumps, still gives me tears. justchaneg a few words here and there and we can look at it as an anthem for us to get up and do something positive, make a change. Please.

தமிழா தமிழா நாளை நம் நாளே
தமிழா தமிழா நாடும் நம் நாடே

என் வீடு இலங்கை நாடு என்றே சொல்லடா
என் நாமம் இலங்கேயர் என்றே என்றும் நில்லடா
தமிழா தமிழா நாளை நம் நாளே
தமிழா தமிழா நாடும் நம் நாடே

நிலம் மாறலாம் குணம் ஒன்று தான்
இடம் மாறலாம் நிலம் ஒன்று தான்
மொழி மாறலாம் பொருள் ஒன்று தான்
கலி மாறலாம் கொடி ஒன்று தான்
திசை மாறலாம் நிலம் ஒன்று தான்
இசை மாறலாம் மொழி ஒன்று தான்
நம் இலங்கை அதும் ஒன்று தான் வா..

தமிழா தமிழா கண்கள் கலங்காதே
விடியும் விடியும் உள்ளம் மயங்காதே

உனக்குள்ளே இலங்கேயர் ரத்தம் உண்டா இல்லையா?
ஒன்றான இலங்கை உன்னை காக்கும் இல்லையா

தமிழா தமிழா நாளை நம் நாளே
தமிழா தமிழா நாடும் நம் நாடே

For the benefit of those who can’t read tamil- a pretty loose translation of a song I think can’t really be “translated”!! listen to it on youtube. search thamizha

O! Tamil! our tomorrow is all our tomorrow
O Tamil! this land is all our land!
Say that my home is the Lankan motherland.Be firm that my name is always Sri lankan...
The Community may vary, but the Values are one
The Place may vary, but the Country is one
The Language may vary, but the Meaning is one
The Staff may vary, but the Flag is one
the Direction may vary, but the Land is one
The Music may be different, but the Melody is one
We are all Lanka, we are one. O Tamil! Don’t shed any tears O Tamil!
It will dawn, don’t be fade inside
Isn’t there Sri Lankan blood inside you?
Then won’t united Sri lanka protect you?
Our land is common to all It is born out out of hard toil.Diversity was the fertiliser used to create it
We are the roots that make it strong.O human!It is strong There shouldn’t be division on this land.O Lord!


3 thoughts on “Reconciliation, Facebook style.


    Please read the above letter which opens your inner eyes with the Sincere Genuine Feeligins of a well balanced fellow Tamilian
    who LOVES TO REMAIN SRI LANKAN out of gratitude to our Birth Place, ever Beautiful Island. Majority Sinhalese Love you, protect you
    save you as their own family members,even some had to die to protect yours & ours Motherland.LET US HAVE A NEW BEGINNING. LET US BE REBORN IN LOVE OF PEACE. LET US BE FREE FROM DEVIL’S TEMPTATION OF DIVISION.LET US NOT KILL ONE ANOTHER EVEN BY EVIL THOUGHTS BY WRONG WORDINGS OR ERRONIOUS ACTIONS ANYMORE. Invain we lost valuable lives at war. ” ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ” We will be gone very soon. But our future Generation should live,Love & Share Peace with all SRI LANKANS both in land & even live abroad since they are the Beloved Children of ” SRI LANKA ”
    My sincere prayer is that of Jesus Christ; ” Heavenly Father Let them be ONE as we are one” Protect them from the Evil One ( the Devil,Satan) who brings division to establish its kingdom of wickednass,reveange,anger,hatredness,bloodthirstiness in human hearts.LET SATAN GO BACK TO HELL WHERE IT BELONGS ! MAY GOD BLESS YOUR HEARTS WITH LOVE,FORGIVENESS,MERCY,KINDNESS,JOY & PEACE ! YOU BELONG TO GOD, YOU ARE GOD’S PEOPLE SINCE YOU ARE WITH HIS DIVINE IMAGE & HAVE A CONSCIENCE,SOUL,INTELECT & FREEWILL.. It’s not too late. Better late than never.PLEASE PRAY & MEDITATE ACCORDING TO YOUR OWN FAITH & BEG GOD’s GRACE
    TO RENEW your,thoughts,words,actions and BE HEALED ! ” WE ALL either Sinhalese,Tamil,Burgher,Malay,Muslims or any other race ARE SRI LANKANS. Truely there is only ONE RACE in the whole World which is ” HUMAN RACE ” VICTORY TO OUR HUMAN RACE ! DEFEAT TO THE devil to remain in hell forever.

  2. As a Tamil (not born in Lanka), i feel they don’t have a choice. Accept what is offered. Time heals. A generation or two… people in Vanni should be able to forget. Thats what i pray!

  3. I think the Tamils in Sri Lanka have had enough. They have paid a heavy price for the cause, and they know that things will be worse if it starts again. They want peace and reconciliation.

    It is the Tamil diaspora – many of whom haven’t even been to Sri Lanka – who want the war to continue. They are the ones behind Bob Rae and David Milliband. They are the ones behind Channel 4 and TimesOnline.

    We are Sri Lankans, in Sri Lanka. Should we let the Tamil diaspora living comfortably in the West dictate the future of Sri Lanka. Should these distant spectators be allowed to put our lives on the life for their morbid enjoyment? To them this is nothing but a game, and their team had lost a match, but if they have their way, they’ll have a new team to play again. We are the ones who have to face suicide bombs. We are the ones who have to be strip searched at every checkpoint and be arbitrarily arrested.

    There will be no reconciliation until the Tamil diaspora and its uninformed champions such as Bob Rae and David Milliband stop trying to divide our nation. Sinhalese will blame all Tamils, not just the Tamils living in the West, for trying to bully them with the support of foreigners. The more these foreigners try to admonish the Sinhalese, the worse it will be for Tamils in Sri Lanka.

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