Sri Lankan Girls on Danish Idol

Beyond words.


9 thoughts on “Sri Lankan Girls on Danish Idol

  1. Dear Respected Ravanbhai,

    I do not approve of this bloggery of yours. It is, of course, sacrilege and somewhat unsavory.

    I intend to be a thorn in your side and win back the proverbial Sita, if I can remember to check your blog often enough.

    Moreover, as per the video uploaded, I am not sure if it is the singing, or the Dutch trying to imitate the Americans that I find more ridiculous.


  2. Hehe! FUNNY if it hadn’t got the words Sri Lanka over it!!! OMG I wishhh…weell I dont quite know what I wish :S The accent, the verry urrmmm…tunelessness OMG this must have been a hit on Danish TV! The veryy expressions!

  3. LOL… I know both of them.. They are originally from hill country (Balangoda, Sri Lanka). They are sisters and both married to danish men.

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