Indi’s Poem to Sita

So, my son Indrajit has been hot on the trail of Rama for a month now in India, and writing about yours truly while he’s at it. I don’t get on the blogosphere much these days, what with my ten heads being kept fairly occupied with other pressing matters of cosmic proportions, like watching Mervin Silva as a judge on Dancing Star.

I digress.

Indrajit, it appears, has also been besotted with the lovely Sita since he went over. It’s positively incestuous. I found a poem to her on his Facebook. I think it’s fresh off his keyboard, and I don’t think he’d mind if I reproduce it here.

Modern steel sculpture of Rama and Sita, Tapovan, near Nasik


Sita, if you meet her,

Greet her, do beseech her

She’s unbridgeable, unmovable,


Sita, none is sweeter

Bird of paradise, Demeter

She’s slender like the ether

And tensile like the steel

Sita, be my preacher

Tell me when and how to meet a

Such a lovely doe-eyed creature

Swimming fish-eyed in the stream

But it’s a thousand miles to reach her

From her stomach to beneath her

It’s impossible to meet her,

In between


3 thoughts on “Indi’s Poem to Sita

  1. You’ve finished all of it? You boys just don’t know the value of a bag of gold. I bet you spent it all on wine and song. Who’s the girl Indrajit?

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