The Tax Man Floodeth

It's about bloody time the Sri Lankan public started questioning what happens to all their taxes.

"Your Municipal Tax Rupees At Work"


It’s a tropical country. It rains a lot. We have something called ‘the monsoon’. It’s world famous, happens every year. So, you could say, heavy rain is not exactly unexpected in Sri Lanka. You would think they were prepared for it by now.

Why do we have a Drainage Board? What do they do there?Apart from scratching their peanuts, I mean.

Every year, heavy rain is used as an excuse for ruined roads, late meetings and low productivity. And now, even powercuts and shortened parliamentary sessions. I kid you not – the distribution for North Colombo’s electricity is under water, and yesterday they finished sessions at 2pm, for fear of being trapped inside parliament by the imminent flooding of the Diyawanna Oya. I wish.

If government had not approved the building of a 11-hole golf course named Water’s Edge on Colombo’s biggest flood outlet, perhaps this wouldn’t be happening with such frequency. Certainly, the flooding of Rajagiriya, at least, has become an annual event because of it, I’ll wager. Before Water’s Edge, I remember Rajagiriya flooding just once. Seriously, it’s not hard to figure out: every year, around this time, as a school kid, I used to pass by where Water’s Edge is now – twice a day – and marvel at how the entire plain turned into a lake during the rains. Surely, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or even an Urban Development Authority expert, to figure out that when you build something on the ground where the water used to go, thereby raising the level of the ground  much higher, then the water will find some other lower place to go to. I learnt this playing in the mud with coloured cups when I was about four. Damn it – I really should have said something.

Someone sue someone! Oh, wait: they already have, haven’t they? For a bad privatisation, though, that was. Well, sue them again! For causing flooding! Loss of property! Loss of business! Drop in land values! And, while you’re at it, sue them for plain bad taste – what’s the point in a golf course with only eleven holes anyway? It’s like a girl with one and a half tits: even if most days you play right, when you feel like a change, there’s no full game left. Off-centre? Sorry, I digress.

What I want to know is: what’s happening to all that government money saved from not buying ammo and guns, and blowing people up? The sad thing is, if we could get to work, and have some electricity, and spend a full day working, perhaps we could make more stuff, and sell more stuff, and make more profit and increase our incomes. Then you could take more of it in corporation and income taxes, and then you would have enough cash to…

Forget it. Just fix the frigging drains man, it’s getting wet in here.


7 thoughts on “The Tax Man Floodeth

  1. Many cities in the tropics are facing floods .

    For e.g. Kuala Lumpur

    Kuala means Mud, Lumpur means city. So this is a city built on mud. Still on heavy rain the centre of the city is proned to heavy floods.

    So they have built a huge waterway (tunnel) under the city to pump water out during such days. If it is not raining the tunnel is used as a motor way 🙂

    I think Colombo problem can be sorted out much easily.

  2. I think the whole Rajagiriya area used to be a marsh that protected and probably drained out the kingdom of Kotte around the 16th, 17th centuries. Later the British seem to have built roads through it, Baseline, High level and Low level. The cheap mosquito infested marshy land would have been attractive to developers in the post ’77 boom. Partly completed and abandoned road projects are another headache. They shouldn’t start these things unless they have the funds to see them through.
    The KUL solution sounds neat.

  3. The problem is nobody pushing the government or the asshole politicians do anything about it. Colombo, if there are any they are blocked.

    Politicians do not care because they get their votes anyway…

    People in this country protest for better roads, infrastructure and issues like this.
    This is fucking pathetic…the fucking capital of the wounder of the Asia get get flooded because of every little rain…..

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