(not much) About

Ravana was born at St. Michael’s Nursing Home in Colpetty, Sri Lanka, on the threshold of the 1980s, to middle class accountants who had little in common save honest dispositions and a love of courtroom dramas. A few months later, war erupted in the North and East, and he was destined to grow up in a country of mediocre economic growth, women with hairy armpits, and buses with no air-conditioning. Developing a sense of humour as a coping mechanism, he tried selling noodles for a living, and then petroleum for awhile, before he started blogging in a desperate attempt to stay sane.

He doesn’t think it’s working.

The Second Head

In 2016, seven years on, Ravana returns to blogging. Where has he been, and what has he been doing all this time? Perhaps this post will provide an answer.


19 thoughts on “(not much) About

  1. can i show a copy of the safe sex slide in my HIV presentation. If so, please send me a email allowing my use of your safe sex cartoon.

    thank you

  2. Ravana… why is it I keep coming back to this blog? I don’t know, maybe because I think I do so when I run out of the pills I have to take. Anywayz… keep it flowing man… I mean the e-ink… it’s quite nice to see a SLan blogger that don’t clog the cybersphere with techtalk. Nicely done mate…

    Time for my refill… see you… if ever that…

  3. I kind of wish the bit about the little baby girl from the ditch in Mattakkuliya was included… I almost feel left out.

  4. Dear ‘Ravana’,

    PS 1 : What is yr Flickr identity ?
    Ps 2 : A spelling mistake in the prev. mail :….month….


    Shyamal Chatterji

  5. බල්ලෝ උඩු බිරුවට
    ලෝල්ලෝ රාවණ නම බ්ලොග් එකට දැම්මාට
    රාවණ නම නොම වැනසෙයි කිසිදාක
    ඔබ සිංහල ජාතිකයෙක් නම් මෙම බ්ලොග් අඩවිය වසා දමන්න

  6. Ravana is not a Sinhala, Sinhalas came from India, so how come Ravana is called Sinhala by Jatika baudda balavegaya.
    This is a long story misinterpreted. Vijaya, the invaders and his men not only sabotaged the locals but called the survivors low caste and suppressed them forever. This continues even today.

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